iPhone Game Fun: Flight Control

This little doozy is addicting.

The premise – land like colored planes on like colored landing strips while managing the flight space so none of them hit each other.

The twists – easily identifiable planes (of the same color as well) fly at different speeds.

The hook – you can’t win. It goes by total planes landed. There is no end.

Bonus points – Push Tin – with co-operative multiplayer. (could have been even more fun if it was competitive multi-player, since crashing a plane doesn’t actually kill anyone)

I learned about Flight Control when my iPhone toting friends and I began a small contest to see who could find the most addictive iPhone game. It was done in typical man-juvenile fashion (we weren’t trying to find fun games for each other, but games you just couldn’t put down. You would know if you sent a winner to a friend, if an “I hate you” was text-ed back, a variable expletive, or an “I want my life back”). Flight Control delivers in this regard.

The game has an easy entry level and a successful round is a testament to multi-tasking skills and fair concentration. Like many great addictive games, you can land plans for (theoretically) forever – making the end game beating your own 3 digit score at the top of the screen. Juggling multiple planes of multiple types and speeds  on their appointed fligh paths doesn’t get boring quickly. If you are a personality that likes/needs to ‘do one better’ then this game promises hours of fun.

There is a patched in achievement system, and constant positive reinforcement (depending on where the landing strip is the game gives you lots of verbal praise for not crashing each plane) – much like your mom telling you how awesome you are on a constant basis. Thanks Mom!

If you have a buck to spare go give Flight Control a whirl. I guarantee you will hate me afterwards.

(As a side note, my high score is 732 planes – have “fun”!)

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