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With my new PC on delivery delay (went from April 25th to May 18th)  and still stuck in a trickling advancement with Destiny – I did get my Division code from Razor and installed it on my old Laptop. I really feel like that game might be best played on the PS4. 60″ TV and all. It was also hard to transition to the third person shooter aspect after being focused on Destiny for most of my gaming time. Granted, I only played for 15 minutes this morning but the backdrops were really beautiful as I went through a decimated New York.

Drifting on thoughts on what I’d like to see in Destiny 2 which is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2017. My wish list is simple for the game and it is mostly made up of things I wish Destiny 1 had. That is what sequels are for anyway, right? So here goes. With the why:

  1. Ships as social hubs: It is annoying to have to land at the tower to grab Vanguard bounties everyday. It has zero benefit except to land, run 20 steps, click 8 times, then orbit. Make ships social areas for friends but also have access to vendors either directly or via communication devices.. Shades of the old KOTOR here. The ships are awesome and fun to collect but offer nothing in terms of game play except to act as a transition phase to instances.
  2. Ships as content: With amazing space ships should come cool ship battles. Or at least some type of game to truly enjoy them. It could just be such a bigger part of the game, even if not a core or super important one. Some sort of shooting mini game as you approach a landing or something similar.
  3. Matchmaking for all levels and styles of game play: If WoW can make LFR tools for their most complex and challenging raid content then there is no excuse or reason why Bungie can’t do the same. Heck, just walk down the hall (figuratively) and ask.
  4. Vehicles: I really don’t expect this and it would be getting a bit too close to Planetside but there is an opportunity in Destiny to add in a bit more interaction on the vehicle front. The Sparrow races were a really cool feature.  There could be more opportunities to use vehicles as part of the game play
  5. Cross platform Play: Really don’t see what the point is in not having this – especially since it is the exact same game on all platforms. I get that PC doesn’t play well with Consoles (easier to shoot with a mouse) so maybe you need to restrict PVP in certain situations.  The health of the community would be far better off with more players. I also find it pretty funny that the PS4 got some exclusives – the sparrow for example – which now every single player in the game has. It does not feel exclusive one bit. Showing it off to your Xbox friends with a friendly side dose of trash talk would make exclusives have some sort of sense.

I am tapped out on the game and miss it. I can’t really advance past 315 without a ton of grind or a ton of luck. I did start leveling a Warlock but that is hard to go back to the basics when the higher end game play is so much fun. Until some DLC or D2 arrives I will have some options but I am now at the point where thinking about Destiny 2 is taking up more of my time than playing Destiny 1.

Do you have any hopes or dreams for D2?

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  1. I’ll vote cross-console, not cross-platform. Not that a Windows version (trying my best to stop saying “PC” since ALL computers are PCs now (same hardware), the only difference being the OS: Windows, OS X or a *nix derivative) of Destiny ever showed up to worry about cross-platform anyway. I bought Destiny twice, and got pretty damn close to the (previous) light cap, raids and all. Because it’s an awesome game but I have different sets of friends on both consoles. Same with The Division. And yeah, you think the grind is bad once? Do it all twice!

    If MS and Sony are serious about opening their walled gardens for cross-console play then Destiny (or its sequel(s)) would be a great one to feature it. But first Sony needs to step it up: their Party is still limited to 8 while Xbox has been slowly upgrading its Party capabilites. I think it’s up to 16 now? Maybe it’s still 12? But cross-console Parties need to be a thing, not just cross-console gameplay. OR that’s an opening someone like Discord could jump on and make a true cross-platform (all PC OS, Mobile, Xbox and PlayStation) text and voice chat app.

    (I’m itching for a cross-console ESO too so I don’t have to level up my characters on each one LOL)

    I’m on board with doing something with the ships. Given Bungie’s prior experience with ships and vehicles in their Halo series I was surprised when they dropped the ball on Destiny in that area. Space combat (we see it in the Taken King trailer so it’s obviously a thing), maybe an ability that calls in an aerial strike from your ship (and make ship upgrades like weapons, weapon colors, engines, etc. that are shown when you play).

    I’m still wishing they’d revisit some of their TTK choices though. For all the great additions, it also removed things. Mainly: incentives. Why should I bother looting a chest I find when I know it’s just going to give whatever upgrade material ‘grows’ on the current planet? I used to get engrams, etc. too. Why should I bother doing an event now when nothing drops except maybe the tier 1 rune for Court of Oryx? It’s not like those runes don’t grow on trees. (Meanwhile I have a helluva time getting a tier 2 or 3 rune to ever drop!) It’s also not like Court of Oryx was only popular for maybe a week and has been a ghost town ever since. Even the invasions used to be cool. They were kinda rare, kinda challenging and gave a good reward incentive to participate. These Taken invasions are like every 10 minutes, no one gives a crap, they’re not challenging (except the main boss) and again give zero reward except a good chance for yet another Reciprocating Rune (the tier 1 crap). Seriously, why should I waste my time on that?

    1. Court of Oryx has been fun when it has been available, but yeah, it’s hard to find people doing it now. They need to put that in Matchmaking for 3-6 so people who have runes can get in there and do it. I agree on the chests – I think now that they ensured engrams match level of gear they may have sorted it would be faster to just collect chests instead of run content. All I really want though is Matchmaking for all levels of game play. I’ll never see the end game stuff and WoW learned that lesson a long time ago. Great feedback, thanks!

    1. Interesting. I kind of like the area progressions in Destiny – ship to area to instance. I think it keeps things tight. It would be interesting to see what enhancements they could do to the open world aspect. Right now it feels pretty tight.

      1. The areas where you may bump into someone else are pointless because you won’t bump into anyone when you need them. Shared hubs are pointless because there is no meaningful social interaction with players there.

        The game could be more open if it wants to be online only. Otherwise just make a solo FPS with coop.

  2. Maybe Destiny 2 can open the world up a bit. Right now each “instance” is capped at 16 players. Not sure if that’s because the engine had to support the last-gen consoles or not if the player cap were increased they’d also need to have more going on to give people a reason to choose to “organic co-op” or choose to just go on by. Right now, there’s not much reason to other than Events. Indeed, sometimes doing Bounties you end up competing for specific kills rather than everyone being in a cooperative state.

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