Clash of Clans in the Economist

I have spoke of my love of the UK newspaper The Economist as my go to news source for global politics and economics. It’s a great read and the digital and audio subscription has a ton of value. I read it weekly and I always get a bit excited when there is mention of video gaming in it. I figure it is a good place to share where my love of world news and gaming intersect. So, in the weekly “business” section that has snippets of ongoing around the world, Clash of Clans developer Supercell had it’s own little space:

I know Syncaine is a fan and ironically I read this five minutes after I emptied my war chest from a successful clan war. 30% profit is nothing to sneeze at and no wonder there are a slew of competitors pumping out television commercials in this gaming space. Hopefully they can continue to not be the next Zynga.

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