Darkest Dungeon EP9 – We Push our Limits

What is more inspiring than a ‘Powerful’ positive boon Hellion? Not much! I Hot on the heels of our victory against the Wizened Hag the troops build on being pure awesome. With new levels come new responsibilities and new challenges.

Also - new mob types. (Finally). Sadly Zubon dies early here – at least, knowing Zubon’s style, he died happy. There are probably dozens of fatherless children in the Hamlet now though. I must admit I am getting pretty seasoned on deaths and they are impacting me less and less. Instead of being sad we lost another blogger friend in game I am just accepting that hey, it’s going to happen. These mobs can duplicate themselves if not killed swiftly.

Belghast also dies. I can’t keep a Leper alive for the life of me! (would that make a good bumper sticker?). The life expectancy of new players are low. If they get through the first level they seem to be a lot more resilient, but its getting past that second and third run into level 2 and above where they become safer and more reliable.  I am going to try and keep level ones with level ones, level twos with level twos, and so on. Even more quest styles are opening up and the above was ‘Detoxify the Corpses’. The quest labelling is as easy as that. You can pretty much guess what we had to do.

JessicaCook (Liore, fixing that name!) is costing me a lot of money with her gambling. Lucky for her, she is a tank, so gets to be all high and mighty and tanky and needed. Tanks are prima donnas in all games so it seems. I have four team members up to level 3 now and their level color turns green to reflect their awesomeness.

The graveyard gets more company. Belghast’s death, ” bled out. Spitter” is curious. I am not sure if he was a Spitter or if a Spitter caused the damage that made him bleed out. We’ll never really know. I continue to Lament my inability to keep a Leper on the team. It’s not for lack of love (or trying). I’ll have to recruit another.

I have three level threes and a lot of confidence. Aywren, Isey, Leo, and WelshTroll. There is a high level mission available – Kill the Swine King! (we killed the prince already) and since these are the only four characters I have high enough to tackle it, I decide to give it a shot. I’m ready for next level challenges.

I am really excited to see new character models! Not as excited to feel how hard they hit. I only brought two healers due to level restrictions, but very thankful that I did. This was a really tough battle. I know I have mentioned the new models a couple of times already but as per the first 8 episodes of this series there were very few mob types so it became a bit boring to face the same baddies again, and again, and again. This is really refreshing, and they have some fun creative slants also by the above models.

And more character models and challenging enemies! This is amazing and fun to see. Further exploration is being rewarded with better opportunities to face death. We will not falter!

Speaking of death, here is Aywren killing the Swine King. It was the exact same character model as the Swine Prince, but he hit a lot harder (and often). Like 10% of a well-oiled 40 man raid team we kick ass.

Check another box off the boss battles. and we have another Level 3! We also have some shorter interim goals of killing the proper Necromancer and then heading back into the nightmare that is the Hag. There is a third level of boss fights also already in the game as well. Roger Edwards witnessing of “unsavory” activities in organized prayer is a bit unsettling (flatulence perhaps?) and I don’t even what to go there on what that can be.

Although this play through is winding down we still have to replace the dead. Welcome THALEN to the group!

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  1. Woo! I’m still alive!

    Those creature models do look pretty cool – just took a quickie glance at them because I don’t want to spoil myself. I haven’t had a lot of time to pick up Darkest Dungeon, sadly. Need to put at least a few rounds into it this week.

    That Caretaker always looks so hopeless. It’s like all the stress you destress from your character goes on to him or something. XD

    1. You are actually pretty safe – I’ve been running mostly with the higher levels (there are 2 groups of them) and they aren’t dyingbso I haven’t had to work on the lower levels – yet. Still, I’ll make sure to get you in there 🙂

    1. On the up side, you did something completely non-related to drinking that was a complete shocker that i havent seen before. It will be a few updates away though 🙂

    1. Hugely this. It takes away the stress from the entire group for the most part – especially if they are inspirational to the team.They are rare but a really nice run when you get them.

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