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Ironically, from a “Quote of the Day” article.

I laughed out loud when I read this over at TAGN, from Wilhelm (the author) himself in the comments section.

EVE isn’t even, objectively speaking, a very good game to play.

To expand on that of course, you have to add in the rest:

But the teamwork and the fleets and the big fights and conquest of space from other groups, that is what makes it compelling. And it can be very immersive when you are deep into something.

The reason I laughed (to myself, out loud, in my office. Which is normal.) is that this is how I exactly see EVE. I have tried the trial so many times but it never sticks for me. I really enjoy reading about it though, often at TAGN or Hardcore Casual, among other blog sites.

Just a fitting way to describe a game that captures the imagination of so many – often through the stories and events more so than the actual game play.

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  1. Heh, if I knew I was going to be quoted I might have gone into more detail.

    Anyway, the essence is that EVE is really a game that dares you to like it. You have to find something compelling in it on your own, and the game isn’t much help on that front. I’ve walked away from it a few times when my space passion of the moment has faded.

    My time in null sec, with the wars and the fleets and the politics, has been my longest stretch with the game so far, going from December 2011 through to now.

    1. You wrote it and now it is all over the interwebs until the end of days! Or something.

      It makes sense, both ways you explain it. As an introductory line though it is pretty priceless. I don’t think many would disagree with you. =)

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