Freaky Friday!

In the movie “Freaky Friday” a mom and daughter switch bodies – effectively experiencing each other’s lives directly. This time warp is a neat backdrop for a story and a movie, and I am introducing a theme post here to reflect that. Freaky Friday is when I am going to revisit an old post I have written and see if it still holds true – either court of opinion, or otherwise. I was digging through old posts and found some old content that I realized no one is probably ever going to read again – it’s throwaway! I figure this will be a fun way to look at what I wrote 6+ years ago, and the head space I was in at the time. I am hoping that other bloggers do the same – not to rehash old content for the sake of it, but to choose an interesting post or thought they had years ago and bring it back up for discussion. Predictions, pre-launch posts where hindsight is 20/20, all of that is fair game. Facebook has throwback thursday, Twitter does something about followers on Wednesday (I think? Still new there…) and now we’ll have Freaky Friday for blogging. My ideas never stick, but hey, Friday is typically a light posting day, so why not?

With all of that being said my introductory “Freaky Friday” post is a set of comics I created. The page I am going to share is PRESENTS, which is actually the most popular post on this page at all time. That is DEFINITELY not a reflection of my talents. PRESENTS was my attempt at making some comics for an upcoming MMO title I was really excited about and considered an ongoing feature. The game didn’t stick with me (a lot of posts about that on here, may be future Freaky Friday posts!). Some things I quickly learned is the appreciation for people who do comics on the web (drawn or otherwise) and the time, effort, and talent that it takes. While I am actually proud of these comics and thought they were fun to do, after doing them I realized that I am not really creative enough and since it wasn’t a core competency I would always struggle through them. But they were fun to do. So, here is the post in all of it’s comic glory along with the explanations at the time of why I did what I did. (That was also a sign I didn’t have  future in comics since I felt the need to explain everything…). Happy Friday, enjoy!


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