“Work” Opportunity!

This is very relevant to Blaugust.

Somehow, my team at work felt creating an awesome newsletter was the best way for us to communicate to our business network of ~350 separate business units.

It’s good information but a bad platform.

I’d like someone great with WordPress to spend some time converting 3 multi section newsletters into a blog so I can show the team how an interactive platform could be more beneficial.

I don’t have the time or the internal resources to get it done.

Now, due to international work laws, etc. instead of hiring and paying for it I am offering an Amazon Gift Card.

I’m estimating $200 as its a demonstration platform and all the content is already created, just needs to be cut/pasted, categorized, etc. I am flexible if it takes more time than expected. (budgeting 10-15 hours)

email me at chris at ihaspc.com if you would like to discuss further!

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