Microsoft Surface Pro 2

It’s an amazing machine.

I have replaced all of my gadgets with it this week. My phone (cell) Laptop (work and personal), iPAD, desktop, ipod (I use it for magazines and music, and books-while driving).

I don’t miss anything – except a big monitor. I am going to buy the docking station this week to see if I can game on it.

I bought the 256 GB, 8meg ram version (the 512 GB is a HEFTY $1799 price tag) and its been nothing short of amazing. A bit of a learning curve with a touchscreen Windows 8.1 but some quick hits:

  1. The kickstand should be standard on all tablets. I can’t stand my IPAD anymore.
  2. The type cover 2 is the best keyboard/cover I have ever used (and I have tried a lot of them)
  3. The built in “apps” (travel, health, business, sports, news etc.) are really good. I didn’t think I would use them – but felt it would be only fair to give them a shot. The travel/health ones are especially well done.
  4. I LOVE writing with the stylus! It isn’t as convenient as typing, but sometimes, I just don’t feel like typing at all. The recognition software is really solid and I am actually writing this whole blog post with the stylus. It’s clever too – using the stylus and finger has different functions on the same page. It’s really intuitive. (IE: swipe a PDF page with the finger, write down notes with the pen.)
  5. Battery life has been solid.

The only game I have played on it is the HEARTHSTONE beta, but I am going to try a few to see how it performs. Really curious on that front.

Definitely worth getting used to.

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