WildStar Pre-Order Sales Slump?

Not sure if this is a bad sign, or if they are just trying to pump up box sales. I always thought launch time was the best time to get a full pop of box price? I only have a free CURSE account (used to help manage my WoW addons back in the day) and I received this email today.

My big question is: How does this make people feel who already paid full price? As an FYI, curse had 300,000 keys to give away, so this email probably went out to 300,000 people.

Did you enjoy exploring Nexus during the Wildstar Weekend Beta Test? You’re in luck! Click here and use the code below to recieve 22% off your purchase of Wildstar from Green Man Gaming! Act now to redeem this offer and get to Nexus before it’s too late!*


Already registered at Green Man Gaming? Simply log into your account and use the code to activate your Wildstar discount!

Not registered? Click here to register!

*This voucher is valid until 1600 UTC April 16th, 2014. Valid against Wildstar ONLY on PC Download from Green Man Gaming. Cannot be used in conjunction with another voucher. Offer may be subject to change.

The 22% works out to a $15ish discount before taxes, so you get a second month of sub fee technically free. This might be enough for me to justify the purchase, so kudos to good marketing. Still, my main concern is why they are discounting a HUGE launch, with big visibility – arguably one of the biggest launches of the year! Why discount that?

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  1. The sarcastic way to read it is this:

    Hello people,

    we know that you have seen how our game works and we are aware of the reaction to our game from all who have seen it during the beta weekend. Please, if we reduce the price, would you please buy it so we have sufficent numbers at launch and can attract more people with them?

    the Wildstar team

    1. Exactly – that is the cynical way of looking at it. Nothing bothers me more than buying something and then finding out people got a discount through. ESPECIALLY a pre-order.

      Boggling my mind!

  2. This is probably a paid promotion from Green Man Gaming. They’re giving up most, if not all, of their margin in attempts to spread the name of their website. Nothing to read into here.

  3. Hi Haystack – thanks for stopping by!

    Very interesting viewpoint and I definitely didn’t consider that as an option – well, it worked, and I *did* preorder so kudos to them. The discount worked!

    I’m interested to see how open beta numbers look – I know anyone who has wanted to get a key these past few weekends could. Its a game worth buying and curious how it pans out long term =)

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