Bioware’s New Game is Shattered Steel (probably).

A lot of speculation out there, but here’s a visual cue on why it is probably a remake of Shattered Steel.

Capture from the video

That’s not a building, its a cockpit

See those two, round black bulb things above his head (and to the left?) He’s not shooting out of a window, he’s shooting out of a cockpit.

Oh look at this high rez screen from ages ago.

Either a complete coincidence, or nifty stuff.

EA probably heard I have banned myself from their products, and this is their clever way to get me back. I love giant robots.

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  1. What’s not to love about a game featuring a man with a gun shooting out of the shattered window of the cockpit of a giant robot?

  2. Oh man, that would be sweet. I’m a huge Mechwarrior fan myself, and well, since there hasn’t need a new Mechwarrior game in forever this would be the next best thing.

  3. I couldn’t find any solid evidence but I thought Interplay ultimately owned that IP? I know they sold off a lot of it when they went down, namely Fallout to Bethesda. But I wonder who actually has the rights at the moment. Shattered Steel from BioWare makes perfect sense though.

  4. @Cap’n : that is pure, pure joy 🙂
    @Tesh: Please do! It has long been a joy of mine ad well since the Fasa desktop days!
    @MMO: especially since it seems ad though the new Mechwarrior title is back in courts over IP rights.
    @Liam: interesting thought, although I’m sure if Bioware EA really wanted they could have re-purchased the rights. Does Interplay still make games?

    All in all the new pic, with the slanted rails and the oddly placed bulbs was a weird choice if it isn’t SS, but stranger things have happened.

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