I hate you(r) Blog(ger)

When I signed up for blogging, I signed up for drama. I was tired of trolling the WoW General boards for days on end to stick it to those imbeciles, so now I am looking for another outlet. Tesh, my good friend made a post of awards in the newest blog-induced tag scheme that has been going around recently. I dance to my own rhythm, so to speak, so am going to take that nice premise and turn it all black and evil – as it should have began as in the first place. Hopefully he doesn’t take away my Golden Tesh for this post, but not even Darkfall has aroused the blogosphere enough lately.

Awards after the break.

1st Award: The Jim Rome

Congratulations to Tobold for winning this one. His blog gets a ton of hit counts, and the guy pretty much  just writes a “popular” opinion piece – albeit nothing none of us already don’t know. Popular opinion? If I want popular I will watch MTV. Blogs aren’t for a “popular” or well accepted opinion, you are supposed to think outside the box and get into social studies, psychology, and philosophy. Don’t give me your regular little sensible average guy opinion. Give me hope! Give me innovation! Don’t give the people what they already know. Even worse than Tobold,  is his army of clones who just follow him around and agree with what he says. I expect them to come here and defend their titan, who from here on out will be called “Chris Everett”, in honor of the video link attached to his award title above.

2nd Award: The Sellout

The symbol formerly known as Lum the Mad wins this one. Broken Toys? Seriously? Scott Jennings used to BREAK toys, now he is complaining about the same process that lead to the damage in the first place? This internet meme went from Lum the Mad to Scott the Sad, always complaining about people losing jobs, and problems “in the industry”. The worst part about this is he went from an underground voice the true MMO player could align with, to a mainstream corporate type. I mean, c’mon, why isn’t anyone else calling him out on this? I feel like I am taking crazy pills! Who cares if it was 10 years ago. You are who you are. People don’t change. (Unless they are paid to.)

3rd Award: The Cryptician

Zubon from KTR takes this one with a landslide. How someone can make so many posts that mean absolutely nothing and are utterly confusing is beyond me. I swear he writes with a Thesaurus in his lap, or at bare minimum has a word of the day calendar -from which he must include every single one in a post in the form of some sentence. I would link to his many posts for proof, but would prefer if you did it at your own risk. I can’t be responsible for the headaches. Damn you for trying to make people “think” about things. If we wanted to think we would go to school, or read a book. (Preferably with pictures in it.) Abstract/drug infused blog posts at it’s best.

Sure, picking fights with internet Titans is risky, but not nearly as risky as investing in the stock market. I figure with the extra hits this post will get I can start selling that adspace I have been dreaming of doing for so long. So what blogs do you hate? Let’s put the “drama” back in the blogo drama-sphere!

(I was going to include Tesh up there, but it reeked a little too much of “I love you too“, which all guys know how that works out when said)

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  1. Well, I *did* almost put the Razzies in my opening paragraph, so I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted to do the same sort of thing. 😉

    I just figured that I wanted to spotlight BRK and Phaelia, and that meant picking a different tone. *shrug*

  2. I played World War II Online, and remember seeing Lum’s “I WILL TAXI TO VICTORY” chat and absolutely losing it because that was my exact first experience with WWIIOL. I didn’t have too many other experiences with it after that. That quote still makes me laugh.

  3. @Tesh: At first this article was going to be far less obvious as a “roast” or “raz” with it being April Fool’s Day and all – but I just don’t have that mean spirited bone in me – even in jest. So I took the obvious (yet still fun to write) fun-poking-route =)

    @Pope: Classic, famous line! Lum was legendary at that time, and it’s been great seeing him go from ranter to commentator.

    @Zubon: KTR was the first blog I would read multiple times a day and the true push behind me getting into the blog action. Back then I didn’t even realize how many blogs existed. So huggles back, and keep up the great posts =)

    I know it was a bit easy for me to tag 3 giant blogs in blognation to highlight – but really what it came down to was that the aforementioned three inspire so many new blogs to participate, helping grow the community and bringing fresh ideas and faces to their own blogs. While I have settled in with my own little “village” within the city of blogs, it all started with those three.

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