Mass Improvement Andromeda

I haven’t had a chance to play for five days due to travel and responsibilities and I am missing the game in a pretty bad way. I have put some thought to what could make ME:A even better and the list is pretty short and also (one would think) pretty simple. These potential improvements keep coming to mind as I play. This will be a multi-part series.The screenshots are just for screenshots sake!

Hey! That’s not Garrus…

New dialog opportunities – quest/non quest highlight

When things happen in ME:A this often opens up a dialog opportunity(ies) with your crew. The challenge is that these events can be as big as a  major event on a world, or as little as being unlocked by a preceeding conversation. This leads to frequent “walk-arounds” to check in with each of your crew members to make sure you aren’t missing something. Normally, this isn’t so bad in itself as the new dialog happens automatically when you engage the conversation. There are two little quirks that you need to be aware of.

One, is that sometimes when that engagement is over it ends the conversation. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t another conversation to engage with that crew member, and you have to re-engage. Sometimes you can do this multiple times depending on what has been going on in the world. A little more natural flow from one conversation to the next would be better here, instead of start, they turn their back to you, then you engage again, they turn their back to you when it’s done, to re-engage. It would have been far more natural to talk about each.

The in game museum is a nice piece of Roleplaying potential

The second, and much more problematic (that I discovered quite by accident) is that in the menu system if there is a new conversation topic on the highest level it will be in white text. Once you use that option it turns grey. This is good and lets you know if  you have had a conversation with that person. The issue is if it is part of a sub-menu the main option stays grey but the sub menu has white text. You would not ahve a clue about this unless you check all sub-menus. Which, over several characters, is a pain in the ass. This is especially apparent during the “Crew” sub-menu where you can ask them for their opinions on other crew members. This changes based on in game events. I have missed many of these updates.

The best way to do this is an alert or menu option to show when these new conversation items are available, and whether they are mission based or just flavor/world building. I hate missing both, where others may be more interested on not missing out on new and/or additional missions in game.

Bare minimum, they have to at least highlight top menus in white if a new sub-menu dialog option is available.

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