X-COM 2 Misses

Clever blog title is clever. I am talking about X-COM 2, and 2 misses the game had that should be updated / changed for expansions, or X-COM 3. What is that category called on Wheel of Fortune?

Before and after. Boom.

Now that we are completely off the topic at hand, here are the two biggest misses X-COM 2 had. Hot off the heels of my 40 hour play through (which I loved!)

  1. Environments. The entire world is now woodlands or futuristic city. There were missions in Africa, Canada, Australia, heck, the whole world! Yet, there were no sand dunes. No snowfall. There was also no wind, rain, etc. etc. It was very immersion breaking to play a global game with only two backdrops, and while I appreciated that we only did assaults on sunny, clear days, the likelihood of that happening is extremely low. Also, why no missions at night?
  2. The six soldier limit. There is a huge game opportunity here to expand that to 12, even 18. Imagine how crazy that would have been. Considering how fun and engaging the 6 person teams were, I think that could only have been improved. I am not saying EVERY mission, but I don’t see why you couldn’t have 2 or 3 Skyrangers delivering simultaneous missions.

I am assuming both were a limitation of the engine (which does chug under the current conditions often).. yet, with all the sales the game had it would be a reasonable expectation that improving the game for the next iteration could also increase that number.

Still, a must play in my book and after a short break I’ll be trying Ironman mode to save the planet. On sunny, clear days in two locations near you.

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