Anthem Hype Level : 11ty Billion

I have two games right now that have me super hyped for gaming. The first up is Anthem – which Leo has spoken about a bit. I have been following all the livestreams, dev blogs, etc. I was in the technical Alpha as well. I ended up buying Origin Premier ($129.99 CAD for a year of ALL new releases (top end collectors editions) as well as a huge back catalog. That purchase is paying off in spades as I have been playing Battlefield V, and will play Anthem, and have downloaded a dozen other titles I was curious about but haven’t played. Everything from Darksiders 3, to This is the Police (1/2), Battlefront 2, and even Peggle. Yes, I admit that. It’s been a bargain for me as a platform.

Here is a video better explaining and demonstrating Anthem. I can’t wait.


For the record, the other game I am excited for has no release date (Cyberpunk 2077) since I was huge into that PnP platform and it’s yet another, sci-fi shooter / rpg. Since it is so far away we aren’t really talking about it much.

Are you going to buy Anthem? (If yes, do you want to be my friend?) Since I have the top end pre-order I also get a bunch of buddy codes for the VIP weekends – let me know if you want to play it in advance or if you are just going to wait for release (or skip it altogether.)

I was also a huge fan of Andromeda, and as a Bioware “person” have high hopes the team can deliver on this title. Whether their strategy is sound (VIP weekends, free weekends, etc.) or if it backfires will be interesting to see how this game launches.

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  1. Yarrr, there be whales in ye waters!

    Kidding aside, I told myself many a year ago that I would no longer pre-order anything, and that includes Anthem. The hype cycle has made games break/fail with no room in between. As I noted in my post, Anthem is doing a relatively good job at avoiding the hype. For a multitude of reason, I want Anthem to succeed. For more reasons, the industry needs Anthem to succeed.

    It’s been on my list of games to watch for a while. I’ll likely pick it up on release.

    Plus, I’m already your friend!

  2. Anthem is the first game I’ve been excited for in a while. I’m actually surprised there’s not more hype around it. I seem to be the only one of my friends whose really heard anything about it and we’re all avid gamers.
    Mech suits, third person shooting, and lots of loot are right up my alley. Plus the dress up game looks strong with all that customization!

    1. The customization video they showed really is next level stuff. Textures, presets, etc. I hope it all comes together as well as the pieces show individually.

  3. It’s good to see someone genuinely excited for Anthem. I see so much negativity around it — and around everything these days, really. I started out very skeptical, but I’m developing a cautious optimism for it. From what I’ve seen most people who aren’t in the alpha are really down on it, but everyone who’s played it is like, “Actually it’s pretty good.”

    Bioware is one of those companies I just automatically throw money at, so I have already pre-ordered (the deluxe edition cause I’m a sucker for cosmetics). I probably won’t play the previews cause I want to wait for everything to be finished, but I’ll definitely be in the game after launch.

    1. I’m torn about preview play but I think I will – the things I saw in ALpha I can’t talk about really I want to sort through controller settings, etc. at least for optimization. It’s EA, I expect a healthy does of hate =)

  4. I’m looking forward to this, because I’m truly hoping for a new Bioware IP that’s actually good. Dragon Age and Mass Effect solidified my love for the team (besides their earlier content in isometric cRPGs) and it’s been a long while since they’ve done something new. Plus, if it’s anything like Warframe/Destiny it will be good. Destiny 2 has come around from the early flack, I’ve been enjoying it in small bursts and Warframe has been a long running game that’s pretty fun to play. The idea of mech like suits and combat isn’t new, but if Bioware can bring their signature storytelling along for the ride it should be amazing. I won’t preorder, but I’ll definitely be jumping on board if initial reviews aren’t complete shit. You’ll definitely have to let us know how it is, which I’m sure you’ll do!

    1. I’ll send you a buddy code too Iz, so you can check out the shit level yourself if you want. If not, I will be writing plenty about it as you mention =)

  5. Q – regarding Origin Premier.

    Let’s say I pay $20 for 1 month. That gets me Anthem 5 days early right? And 30 days of gameplay?

    Does the math really work out there? I mean, people could easily just pay that $20 (or 40) and get a couple months, while cutting the “box profits” on the game.

    1. If you aren’t committed, $20 is better than $0. There is no product cost, no box (etc.). All digital. Those who are committed are already paying for everything (or playing for 3+ months).

      Origin Premier was the best purchase of my year, and I paid for the whole shebang (Because I got top end pre-order editions for BF5 and Anthem – both of which i wouldn’t have bought (I usually buy the middle one on pre-orders i am excited about – never the top end one)

      I have installed and played at least 10 other titles from Origin as well. It’s been great value. None of which I would have paid for or played otherwise.

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