Be Verwy Qwiet – We Hunting Zombiesh-Type-Creatures!

I picked up Dead Space a while ago (for free, thank you EA) and have been picking away at it. Throughout the first hour of Dead Space I realized something. I haven’t said a single word. Actually, my character hasn’t even made a sound. I don’t even think he grunts or groans.

That’s odd.

I can assure you, that if I was an Engineer-turned self-savior on a ship infested with rebuilt zombie-like human corpses of killing rampage with only a laser cutter and two other humans alive on board with low chance of survival or hope on a behemoth of a futuristic mining ship that I’d say something about it.

Even just a “yes sir” or a “holy $h*t!” (probably a lot of the latter).

But nope, I just plod along, carving up the beasties and building hope.

DS 2 and DS 3 the same way?

I get why gaming companies don’t give a voice to their protagonists because they want it to be you – but really, there is nothing less human than a character who doesn’t even say “Yes sir!” when given an  order or even mumbling things to themselves about “just my luck”. Especially in harrowing circumstances.

Even more odd is that because he has a full face shield on you could completely hollow it out and digitize the sound so it isn’t that far off what someone would expect. Certainly, it wouldn’t feel like too much work for the extra immersion that would provide.

I normally don’t play games with sound – when I get the chance to play games sometimes its when my wife is watching TV. If I don’t have a headset on its on mute anyway – FPS’s (especially survival horrors) kind of require sound so you can hear things sneaking up on you so I am extra dialed in on the sound aspect. I keep waiting for my character to say something – anything.

So far, me yelling at the screen isn’t having the same effect.

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  1. Dead Space was fantastic, in that the atmosphere was dark and moody and creepy to boot. DS2 goes more action oriented and there’s more dialogue. DS3 is to the series what Resident Evil 5/6 were to that series, as they added in co-op and supposedly it’s a lot less scary and more action-packed. I haven’t played 3 yet, though I have it on my console.

    1. I’ve been enjoying it so far – its pretty predictable in a lot of places as far as scare tactics, but overall is an amazing backdrop and solid concept to be just a bit different. I still wish my guy said something though – it would definitely humanize him. He’s already robotic-looking enough with his get up!

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