Reroll and Random Thoughts

After the grand level of 8 on my “Return of the Warden” project I rerolled to an Elf. I was reminded early in the Man-questing campaign that I was mortal by Elondrialle (sp) and I said screw that!

No, no, no and not because I secretly yearn for Legolazz leetness or anything either. My LOTRO main (back when I paid for it) was a Hobbit, and going through the Man campaign I started remembering the quests and storyline – I had played a champ as well. Dwarf was out (can’t be a Warden) so Elf was left. So, I became immortal and rerolled.

Some other LOTRO observations:

  • I can use coins to warp to quest areas faster (mithril I think?) so the FTP elements are starting to rear their ugly head…
  • I am still only using in game resources and man, after so many years there is a LOT to learn. I love the complexity of MMO’s but forgot how much you really had to study, google, read, and spreadsheet out to be optimal in a MMO. Even sub ones. Can’t simplicity be just as beautiful and engaging?
  • The daily login prize is giving me food, drink, and clothes.
  • The animations/graphics/movement/flow are better than I remember them. They probably haven’t been updated but pretty smooth.
  • I love the non-stylized world. Feels gritty, foreboding, and yet appropriately beautiful.
  • I see about 1 person a login session at best – which is cool, but feels very single player-ish

Some related thoughts:

  • I have been stopping to smell the roses a lot more in LOTRO than other MMO’s. Not because its closing down anytime soon but because I am in no rush! I have no goals in LOTRO but to experience the game. No raiding guild waiting for me to fill a spot, no friends to quest with (I am on Gladden if you get bored *cough cough*) and no plan or agenda. Just playing.
  • I have been looking at things in a different lens also – someone actually created this stuff! When I see a nice piece of map layout or a specific troll-turned-stone and sun is shining on it – well placed, I take a look, soak it in, and appreciate that someone thought to put that there and built it.

That last point is my final thought of my blogging week – the people behind the games. I really appreciate the talents and efforts who create the worlds we play in. That probably deserves its own post (and I’m sure I’ll write it in the future).

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