200 Posts

Not incredibly special considering some of  the other options but the truth is there were a few times were it looked like I would never hit it. 200 posts over 5 years isn’t a ton, but hey, that is my on again off again post style. Trying to fix that – don’t hate!

Maybe if I start playing more interesting games and/or writing more pertinent and/or interesting posts, I’ll make another 200. Just as long as it’s not by 2018 =)

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  1. Here’s to more Isey posts. 🙂

    I’m pretty sure I’m in the “long tail” on my blog. There are plenty of crunchy games and game design topics to hit, but too little time and too many other good things to spend it on.

  2. To me blogging is a hobby, and you do it for yourself. It’s a great thing when people share your ideas, or comment on your stuff of course. If you enjoy what you’re doing, and how things are going…then who gives a crap what others think, nor what others are doing. Blogging is not a competition to me….it’s just something I do.

    So congratulations on making 200, that’s 200 more then some people do.

  3. @Tesh: Funny sometimes it feels like a failed political campaign. Change the future! Impact gaming! in the end, you make friends, talk about what would be cool, and realize that that in itself is pretty cool. The games are going to change the way they are, and blogging isn’t going to have much impact. Wallets do =)

    @Rivs: agree. Blogging is like sex though, always fun when more people are involved. Wait, should I qualify that a bit? *grin*. Here is to hitting 400! =)

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