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The Sub Fee is the Bane of my MMO Gaming

I paid a lot of sub fee dollars to EQ, DAOC, and WoW, so please, don’t get all uppity.

I have spoken about this a lot. I am currently paying WildStar a sub fee. I have been travelling for work, and very busy with home and family. I get it – that makes it “my fault” (somehow).

My highest character is level 10.

I want to support the company financially, but at this rate I am paying $5 an hour. That in itself is entirely reasonable for entertainment (depending on the type) but it just doesn’t feel right. It’s not equitable. I am subsidizing every other gamer who can make the time to pay their 18 cents an hour. I am just as important as a customer to Carbine, no? I don’t mind welfare schemes when it has to do with survival and human decency, but I don’t like welfare in my MMOs.

The time/value sub loss rate – people like me who end up changing their minds – would at my best guess be a bigger loss than having tiers of sub fees based on some playtime parameters. For instance, I’d pay $5 a month and be limited to 15 hours, for example, gladly. And if I went over those hours, my renewal rate could go up to $10. And if I went over 30 hours, it could go to $15. And if I went over 30 hours it would then just stay at $15 because that is a heavy user fee and unlimited play.

Look, suddenly, more people are happy.

I have paid insurance for so many years and have never made a claim. It’s nice to have that safety though – knowing that if I needed a claim its there. Not the same feeling, paying an insurance premium in an MMO for hours you could use, if you had the time, but that you don’t get to bank if you don’t. Insurance is good in the real world, but I don’t like insurance style premiums in my MMOs.

It’s a fun game and I committed to two months – if I don’t feel like I am getting the value (price isn’t the problem..) then I’ll leave and Carbine will get zilch.

Until they go F2P, of course.