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Magic The Gathering Arena Deck : In ACTION!

My last post explained some of the intricacies of my MTGA competitive deck. Writing about it is one thing, showing how it actually works is another – so I decided to make a video to see one of my win conditions.

Fun thing(s) about this video:

  • I don’t have a proper mic – I just used earbuds.
  • I have never made a video with a voice-over
  • (I had sound off for the game, sorry!)
  • This was the first, and only take – and I did ZERO editing. Still, it shows the pace of MTG:A better. It was also the only game I played. (It actually worked out in my favor, too!)
  • Hover over the ‘pause’ button in case you want to read the card descriptions. I wanted to be a good opponent still and not take a full 60 seconds between turns – so if you aren’t familiar with the cards a quick pause when I hover over them will show you their descriptions

There you have it! I am not a big video content creator, but if you have any constructive feedback I would be happy to hear it. If you think there is any fun or value in me slowing it down and explaining things in more detail, I would be happy to do some proper post game video editing and sharing cards, explanations, what I am looking for (and against), etc.

Let me know – the video is under 10 minutes long and was actually kind of fun to do =)

Ravnica Allegiance Launch : Magic The Gathering Arena

Time to buy packs!

What the screenshot doesn’t show is that because I have been so happy with my deck, and play daily, that I had saved up enough gold (free currency) to buy 45 packs of the latest expansion on release day. I also had over 20 standard Ravnica packs unopened as I was waiting for the new “bad luck” protection change which was included in the patch. Overall, a great day with a ton of cards

I’m still extremely stubborn and really only play and build black/green decks – it’s my comfort zone and I know how to counter most of the regular opposing color decks that I face out there. I do play any color based on the daily quest, but that’s only in fun mode (which still counts for daily quests) compared to ladder ranked.

Speaking of which, in the last MTG:A season I was stuck in bronze most of the time but with my Golgari Graveyard deck (my own additions to the standard Midrange variety) I have climbed all the way up to Gold 4. That may change quickly as deck building for me is finding cards to deal with how I am losing in game, which is a practiced art that includes lots of losing. The new expansion may create a brand new losing streak for me as I sort through all of that.

I am still only sticking to the “best of one” format that MTG:A started with as I am not a strong deck builder. I am going to start trying to construct my own decks for the practice, off color matches as when I read Izlain’s post on Magic that sounds like a big, fun part of it. The important thing is now that after a year or so of playing beta, and the live format, that I am very comfortable with all the mechanics and know most of the cards out there.

As with most expansions they introduce new mechanics – Green this time around is “adapt”, which ads +1/+1 counters to your cards per adapt level. This gives the opportunity to create really powerful cards if they aren’t removed from the board quickly. Black has a death mechanic called Afterlife that spawns new token creatures when the non-token ones die. Also a mechanic that allows you to spend a lower cost on cards if the enemy took damage this turn.

All in all, the learning curve begins again. Not nearly as harsh as Hearthstone and savvy spenders like me can get a ton of new cards for free at launch. If you like card games on the computer, and aren’t playing this, you really should give it a try. The base decks they provide to you as you learn have remained a competitive entry with varying styles.