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I was finishing up the Contains Moderate Murf podcast while driving and for some puzzling reason a thought struck me on how much I dislike the term “AAA game”.

What exactly does that mean? How does the rating work? We rarely hear about ‘A’ games, or ‘C’ games, or even ‘AA’ games (although all of those are battery types). So what does a AAA game constitute? How is that measured? Is it production quality, spend, or marketing budget? How can you have such a universally used designation that has no independent body measuring to ensure it fits the qualification?

AAA Canadian Beef is very clear how it constitutes what fits in each A/AA/AAA category. Even AAA Bond Credit Ratings give an indication on what that means.

Google fu tells me that AAA can be all sorts of abbreviations and the ever vigilant Wikipedia says that AAA as a designation  for video games was created by the private companies themselves. Bonkers, I tell you. That’s like McDonald’s saying they are a AAA restaurant because they said so. Whatever the hell that could mean. Sounds like it’s good though, doesn’t it?

It’s a sham! Fight the Power! I’m taking the Alphabet back in the names of all gamers. All former ‘AAA’ games will now need to be called something new. I am suggesting “Not AAA” for starters, but also open to suggestions.