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Rogue One

I love Star Wars. I even love the prequel trilogy. They are a wonderful chain of films set in an adventurous and interesting galaxy. Disney bringing it back, and in a big way, is exciting to me. I am really pleased to know that I have another decade ahead of Star Wars movies. Having a child reignites this passion as we watched all six of the original movies together before the new one came out last year, and we both had a high excitement level for Rogue One. I like that Disney is more deeply exploring the non-force side of the universe. I watched Rogue One last night, and what I can tell you before I head into spoiler warning territory is that I felt really uncomfortable at the end of the movie. A feeling far different from any Star Wars universe based movie, ever, for me. Now, I am going to put in a “jump” button if you have not already seen the  movie (or care not to, heathen) and I can share more about why I felt/feel that way, and what it all means to me.