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One disappointing thing about Legion for me is that the advanced Artifact model options are gated behind some really crazy accomplishments. When I first saw the preview for them it was exciting to think that we had personal choices on how we were going to look. Turns out those choices are largely illusionary unless you count “you look exactly the same as everyone else who has advanced as far as you have” as a choice.  I didn’t expect it to be gated behind levels or raids for the simple fact that with Transmog in game alive and well the look of weapons is completely meaningless. It was disappointing to think I could  make a laser bear from the get go only to find out that I need to complete a slew of Mythic dungeon achievements that I may never get the chance to. It’s a minor gripe but part of the attraction for me from the outset was that there would be a higher level of personalization available so not all bears would look the same. Turns out we do. I get in the past, having the totally geared out raider standing in the middle of Ironforge in his epic loots was a driver for subscription numbers. Now the focus is on the character’s personal story so that is moot.

Courtesy: WoWhead

Some of these, someday.

That has always been an issue for me with the Druid to begin with too. As a Paladin, the better I get the better I look – you get some incredible armor, weapons and shields. As a bear you get a big ol butt to stare at during fighting. I suppose that has always been the trade off with the only 4 role class in game.  I do like the druid mechanics and I am having fun but I wish I could express myself a bit more through my shape shifting choices like every other character.

Rogue-ish Ways

This is also true with my Rogue and Artifact – when I saw the rapier graphic from the Dreadblades I was instantly excited to level and play that skin. Turns out it is gated by a secret mechanic that no one can find. And by no one, I mean a fully dedicated rogue swat team can’t even find it.

Not sure on the math, but that claims over 25,000 hours searching… (click to enlarge)

It may not even be attainable but they are still trying. This is actually really cool quirk if it is a well kept secret. If it’s not even turned on or find able yet that 25,000 hours seems like quite the sacrifice. With all that in mind I am going back to my rogue for leveling next. It will be a bit longer of a slog since she is only level 90 but I suspect by the time I get to 100 the artifact issue will be sorted. Hopefully it isn’t gated by something that I can’t complete as a mostly (filthy) casual that doesn’t deserve nice things.


I have no clue what is going on, but it seems like there is a permanent DDOS attack on Blizzard. It is even hitting their Hearthstone servers as well. I get the “fame” that big hacking groups such as Anonymous get for taking down corporate giants in the name of taking care of the little guy, but have no clue why this DDOS is consistent and ongoing. Is it because they can? They are angry at Blizzard for something?  It hasn’t affected my game play (yet) but it is still confusing for me. Kids will be kids? Or is it: script-kiddies will be script-kiddies?