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Over Rewarding

I get something nice just for logging in everyday in LOTRO. I got a pair of gloves yesterday that were literally 10x better than the ones I was wearing.

I mean, I know people want little wins.. but instant success is many steps past deferred success and does absolutely nothing for anyone. I could almost justify a logging in reward if:

  • you had to group with someone for 10+ minutes to get it (enhancing community/grouping)
  • had to complete x number of quests (living, breathing world – I have only seen two other actual players so far in LOTRO)
  • you got a free gift for buying something in the LOTRO store (supporting development/costs)

As it stands now, I just have to log in, click the present on the corner of my screen, get my reward, and log out. Once a day. It doesn’t do anything really for anyone.

Of course, unless LOTRO is going to start marketing how many millions of players LOG IN everyday