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Stay in the Hinterlands!

Google DA:I and read the reviews and a lot of them look like this link. Everyone is recommending to get out of the Hinterlands fast. The game gets way better afterwards. Some even suggest you are doing it wrong if you don’t, and should just stay there for the whole game and be a farmer. Funny how people want to push their values and ideas onto others.


Thank you.

I am loving the Hinterlands.

Not only is there a lot of flavor there and a lot of history and stories to learn (if you look!) it’s a great way to learn more about your first party members, get a great feel for the game, combat, and capabilities, and generally just fun. I am 6 hours into the Hinterlands and still haven’t turned over all the stones, and kind of like it there. I think after I shut down the rift for good I’ll take a summer home there. In the meantime, there is a lot of work to be done. There is sufficient challenge and I still haven’t sorted out some of the more major story lines that seem to be unfolding. I am still learning as I go.

The argument that as leader of the Inquisition shouldn’t be doing menial tasks I respectfully disagree with. The best way to get the will of the people is to be present and show that you aren’t above any effort for the end result. I recruited my first Agent and was proud that I made the effort to help him with the task that mattered most to him (lost love one). Sure, I could have passed that off to one of my team members but they may not have recruited that tAgent as I was able to. It’s all about being present.

The best part is since I am enjoying this part so much, and by all accounts it only gets better, I am setting myself up for a good 100 hour+ journey. This is the right kind of game for my personal issues.

Anyone else loving the Hinterlands?