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Uncomfortable With Hatred

Hatred in the general sense, but more so in the upcoming gaming title. Watch the trailer:

First off “May Contain Content Innappropriate for Children?” Seriously? Do I need to make a snarky/sarcastic comment here? The polish studio Destructive Creations is behind this upcoming shooter.

Secondly, let me guess – this falls under First Amendment rights somewhere? I feel guilty for even linking to it in some regards, because it adds to the attention and hype this game is getting already.

Thirdly – maybe I am a hypocrite for complaining about this.

See, fair and balanced.

Typically in my FPS games I justify my mass slaughtering and shootings based on a few principals that make me feel okay, or even good about it. They are not all present in all of my shooting games but usually more than one is (in no particular order):

  1. its just a game
  2. the “other” side is trying to hurt me (unprovoked)
  3. the “other” side is trying to hurt a group/people I feel responsible for protecting
  4. something external/out of my control justifies my actions
  5. its a preset match/game between two or more teams or cooperatively between people

Pretty clear cut and as far as list goes, covers pretty much all FPS games I have played. Halo:1,2,3. Battlefield:1,2,5. Destiny: 1,2,3.  Left 4 Dead: 1,2,5. Team Fortress: 1,2,5. Bioshock: 1,2,4. Etc. You get it.

As far as I can tell, Hatred (the game), only has one from that list. The first. No other FPS I have played relies on just the first one and it makes me uncomfortable. I am also a non-violent person and it is hard to watch the clips.

The reason I used “hypocrite” comment is that I didn’t make a big deal when Payday came out – the game where you are a criminal robbing banks, killing cops (and my dad is a retired cop). It still has 1, 2, a dash of 5. I never played Payday: The Heist but I believe that you actually get penalized for killing innocents (not so for the boys in blue, however.) There is also an awful lot of killing in general in shooters, and not all of them are morally clear if you really dig deep. Even Destiny isn’t – I posted in the past (tongue in cheek) that we are slaughtering tons of aliens for no clear reason that the story supports. Heck, we go into THEIR planets and do it. They are just defending themselves.

Almost all of our games contain violence of some sort – against animals, monsters, each other – you name it, combat is a part of our gaming lives. So why does Hatred get under my skin? What makes it so uncomfortable for me? I think it is because of the helplessness of the innocents portrayed in the video. Violence for the sake of violence with no other goal or outcome but death feels senseless.

But wait, can’t you do that in GTA games? Just blow up bystanders, run over them?

Perhaps then it isn’t the senselessness that bothers me, but the personal, up close nature of it? (The woman crying for her life, the multiple stomach stabbing wounds..) Once you cross into a title like this it makes me wonder what is next. Game about rape? Suicide bombing? Doing bad things to children? (that last one makes me squeamish to even think about)

Thing is, I also like horror movies. At least in those it’s usually a group of people trying to escape the horror and not commit it.

As a marketing ploy, it’s brilliant. People are, and will, talk about this game. A lot. I’m curious if that will turn into sales.

Personally I hope not. I’m still trying to sort out why I feel about it the way I do, and looking forward to reading the thoughts of others while the game is developed and the video circulates.