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I’m Sure There Is A Gaming Analogy Here Somewhere..

Regarding the current credit crunch, I did some digging and learned some lovely little nuggets about Canada.

Less than 25% of house loans in Canada are securitized (by someone else, other than the banks) meaning over 75% are on the the banks balance sheets, making the banks accountable. The higher risk sub prime mortgages account for right around 5% of the Canadian market (compared to more than 25% of the USA market). Canadian housing prices are forcasted to contract by only 10-15% (whereas the USA has already fallen by 24%, and expected to fully correct in the 35%-40% range).

Canada has the lowest debt relative to its GDP, and the only G7 country to enter into this recession with a budgetary surplus (with “free” health care to boot.)

All of this really points to lenders not shutting their doors to Canadian consumers and businesses, regardless of what is going on in the global market.

While the financial conservatism of Canadians will help us through these global tough times, I can’t help to still be remiss that we will have negative impact to us at all – I mean, we kept our house clean, why should we face the negative consequences of irresponsibility elsewhere?

Happy Thanksgiving

Didn’t write much over the weekend, we Canucks have our thanksgiving early. Spent the time with friends and family, and had a great time.  I have a ton of things to “complain” about with gaming and MMO’s but heck, it’s a holiday here so instead figured I would send thanks out to my online friends, past and present.

Thank you to developers who have created a great entertainment space, and given reason for us armchair bloggerbacks to comment (ie: bitch and moan) about your products. Remember, it’s only because we like them that we try (urge) to get you to improve.

Thank you to all the bloggers out there who have inspired me to take the time to enjoy blogging myself. I read a solid 10 different bloggers a day, and always try to add my comments and support where possible. I’ll get to updating my Blogroll soon, I promise!

Thank you to people who lead the guilds I play in – these games really are all about community and a good guild does indeed change the entire gaming experience regardless of bugs, oversights, and general annoyances.

Thank you Joe, for setting up the nuts and bolts of this blog for me. I am sure you regret it now, but hey, if that is your worst regret you have other issues. Heck, you have other issues regardless.

Thank you, to the lady that paid for my coffee this morning. It was a long lineup in the drive through and I saw 5 other cars not let you in the line even though you waited patiently. Who knew that a friendly wave through to a complete stranger would result in free coffee. I am going to try that at the lineup at the bar next time.

And a general happy thought to everyone who reads this – we can’t change the world over night. Not the gaming nor the real one. Treat strangers with respect and courtesy. Hold a door open for someone, help someone carry something heavy. Cut your senior neighbor’s lawn for the heck of it. Help that poor tank get through the final stage of the PQ even though you have max influence. Don’t vendor that nice shiny blue item, give it out randomly to someone who can use it. The world(s) is/are a strange place, and I find that every little thing you do unselfishly both online and in the real one makes both a better place for those who are a part of it. While you can do nice things, and rarely receive a thank you for it, someone out there will take notice someday, and buy you a coffee.

Gobble Gobble.