Writers Resting in Paradise

Being the Nostalgic fool that I am here are all the old blogs that I used to follow / link to, who have given up Blogging or have disappeared =) I do check in on the now and again but for the most part these writers contributed to a specific time in my life and as such I like to remember them.

38 Watch (WRIP) 38watch.com
Alex Baldwin (WRIP) ajbaldwin.wordpress.com
Alunaria’s Adventures

Are we new at this? (WRIP)



Armory Data Mining (WRIP) armorydatamine.wordpress.com
Atherne’s AdventuresCap’n John’s Blog (WRIP) http://athernesadventures.blogspot.ca/capnjohnsblog.blogspot.com
Cannot Be Tamed www.cannotbetamed.com
Dear Inner Demons (WRIP) dearinnerdemons.com
Gaming Conversations with Braxwolf braxwolf.com
High Latency Life (WRIP) highlatencylife.wordpress.com.
Inventory Full – (WRIP) inventoryfull.com
Ixobelle (WRIP) ixobelle.com
Magnificent Vista (WRIP) magnificentvista.wordpress.com
Massive Crits (WRIP) massivecrits.com
MMORefugee (WRIP) mmorefugee.blogspot.com
MMORPG Character Monuments (WRIP) theburialgrounds.com/News.html#
Necro Rog Icon (WRIP) rog.gameslate.com
Pumping Irony (WRIP) pumpingirony.net
Random Mileages (WRIP) randommiles.blogspot.com
Star Fired Beef

Sylish Corpse



Thalen Speaks thalenfirebeard.blogspot.com.au
The Iron Dagger (WRIP) irondagger.wordpress.com
The Keen Gamer thekeengamer.com
The Mystical Mesmer (WRIP)The Grumpy Elf

The House of Witches



We Fly Spitfires (WRIP) blog.weflyspitfires.com
What Would Matt Do? (WRIP) whatwouldmattdo.com
Word of Shadow (WRIP) word-of-shadow.blogspot.com
XP Chronicles (WRIP) xpchronicles.com