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  1. Grats!

    I thought for a moment there that you maintained the company blog as part of your job, not that you did your own, personal blog on company time (albeit your own time and company). Blogging on behalf of the company is a job that exists where I work, both as something people do as a small part of their role and, for a handful of people, as a more significant aspect of their employment. I have always kept *very* quiet at work about my blogging experience for that reason.

    1. I actually thought about that part as well, especially after I post I made here about an EA company blog. But no, you caught on correctly. Faux-pay for writing =)

  2. I racked up a decade of blogging myself recently. Nine years of regular output is a solid achievement. Well done. I hope you continue to do so because we need independent voices, providing an alternative to generic press releases and marketing blurb.

    1. Thanks Roger. I find it much easier to blog during the times I am enjoying a specific game and/or have a strong opinion (good or bad) about something. I need to get back to the opinion part – simply reporting about games I am playing is “ok”, but not really having me think critically or deeply about a hobby a truly enjoy.

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