I has Returned

Miss me?

I’m sorry I left! I had a whirlwind year where both the effort and joy of blogging had to take a backseat. It has been a very interesting year.

I became a CEO (complete with the 90+ hour work weeks)

I almost lost, then managed to salvage, my marriage

I had a 6 month Cancer scare (clean bill of health – finally)

I still lurked and read both my favorites, and I’m sorry for not supporting you with comments. Selfishly, especially with the health angle, I become very self contained.  I have been playing games – it was a ‘comfort’ angle where I played both old and new, when I could, and I managed to pull through all of my challenges successfully and have been living a much more balanced life (except I still work too much, but that is pretty much required =)

Some changes around here – updated the look, and working on getting the mobile version up and running. I am also now posting under one of my gamernames (yes, the irony is not lost on that). I will probably continue to tweak around on the site as I discover what little goodies WordPress has thrown out over the past year.

Anyhoo – feels good to be writing again, and looking forward to talking with you soon.




  1. Brian 'Psychochild' Green

    Welcome back. Now post something insightful for us. 😛

    What company are you CEO for, if we might ask? Any lessons as a CEO translate to games?

  2. Isey (Post author)

    I’ll send you a PM =) And CEO lessons for games is definitely a hefty article that I’ll get to later (on many different fronts) as I really want to start off light! (I know, so not my style! =)

  3. Pope

    It’s about time. =) Good timing, too, since we seem to have returned right at the same time.

  4. Tesh

    Holy schamoly! Chris is back!

    Call me a sentimental old nutter, but it’s really good to hear that you’re doing OK.


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