Tuesday Smorgasboard

3) The cruise ship threw me on a life raft to fend for myself. My Shaman reroll is nearing 74, and I am in Grizzly Hills (after doing EVERY quest I could in both the Fjord and Dragonblight). A sad thing happened to me at the end of Dragonblight – I had no where to go. No where to turn. No quest to lead me to my next event. I entered Northrend at 68 and went through the first few levels with tons of rest xp – and I just hit a point where I had no quests to do, no one to instance with, and no direction on where to go next. Isn’t that the point of the cruise ship? Talking to guild mates I was told to go to Grizzly Hills, which I did, but I also discovered I was too low of a level to take any quests from the hubs. I had to go to a webpage, search all quests in the zone that start at 72, and piecemeal my way to 73 (with a bunch of mob grinding once I ran out of lvl 72 acceptable quests) to which I had to go back to the internet to find lvl 73 quests I could take. I am going to run out again and have to grind – this will full rest xp. Yes, I am still having fun, but yes, just pointing out that if you have a zone to zone quest progression system where you lead a player from one area to the next I definitely shouldn’t have to have quest sites bookmarked to figure out where to go next. You put Peggle in the game, please put Thottbot or Allakhazams next so I can enjoy your guided tour of Northrend.

4) The beta I have been doing (see point 2) has been fun. Ton’s of work to do, a lot of weaknesses, bugs, and crashes, but it is a fresh new world – with some interesting new twists and mechanics. Far too early to tell how the game will fare, and because it is in Alpha stage I am not going to pick on anything (see Syn’s article again – free passes for programmers and devs at this stage!) The gameplay has promise. I am in my personal Phase 1 of testing – I have my own “scheme” when I test. I spend the first 10 hours just playing – no reading beta boards (except for announcements), no asking questions, just play and see how intuitive the game is and what I can figure out on my own. In Phase 2, I spend more time reading than playing and compare the self learned experience vs the information available. Stage 3 I take everything I have learned and start fresh. Stage 4 I bug hunt, analyze metrics, gameplay balance, etc. Stage 5 I start telling developers what they have to do to fix the game (tongue in cheek there, my friends.) Of course, since I read the beta announcements daily if there is anything specific the devs want (which they usually do) I do it – but only after I have given the game 10 “noob” hours, have read every post on the board, and hit Stage 3 ish. It’s not scientific by any means but it gives me the fresh perspective, the jaded perspective, than the honest perspective. It has worked out well for me in the past.

I have been oh so swamped lately with work and getting to chip into gaming here and there amidst the madness has been a very welcomed break. Reminds me why I love the hobby so much.

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  1. Rog:

    I thought the new trial accounts had MoM content, including the classes? I could be wrong, but I was pretty sure they upgraded this. It may also be only true for trials invited via players with existing MoM accounts.

  2. Chris F:

    Pretty sure they did Rog, but it wasn’t a new trial account – I have a LOTRO account from back in the day. So on the “welcome back” you still don’t get to play the new classes unless you first buy the expansion.

    I do understand where they are coming from on that one moreso than the trial, but still, if you want to snag me let me play the class I want to – especially when it doesn’t hinge on anything to do with the expansion =)