Christmas Tuesday

Tuesdays are a wonderful day in the world of the (filthy!) casual WoW player.

First off, you get your Class Hall chest (free lootsz!!) for completing Mythic + the 7 days preceding. There is joy (and misery) as people open their chest and link to their lastest and newest legendary item. Much like Christmas, many groan as they get yet another piece of coal (or worse, a “utility” legendary. Which is stupid by all means, but that is an argument for another day…). The other joy is that the Raid ID resets which means you can run your LFR Raids again. This is much like a class trip where you don’t particularly like or know many people in your class, but you get to go see something neat and interesting and maybe get a reward just for showing up. If that doesn’t scream “fun” I don’t know what does.  There is a new World Boss up to kill for other, basically free loot. It’s a joyous day.

Okay, sure,  it is just another day where the casual check boxes get unchecked so you get to check them again. And that is why I love Tuesdays in the WoW world. All of my level 110 characters are past running Emerald Nightmare or Trial of Valor for good chances at loot but Nighthold does have more effort-efficient upgrades. Last week I ran Nighthold on all of them on Tuesday. That left a lot of gaming for the week to do. Unlike the author of this article (to save you from reading it if you don’t want to – he argued that because you CAN do something in the game, in this instance, grind AP, that players feel compelled to do it, so Blizzard has to change it because players have no self-restraint. I engaged him – to deaf ears – that I prefer having too much content and the onus is on players to play responsibly. He did a bad food analogy, I did a better one, he is stubborn, I am enlightened, blah blah blah. It’s all there if you want to read it, but after realizing he was not open to any contrary viewpoints I disengaged. ) I only do activities that grant me a chance to upgrade my character. This means I have a weekly routine to my gaming.

  1. Do the main story line quest, on my main (Couchon) to stay up to date on the story (currently finished, until 7.2)
  2. Do daily Emissary Quests for a legendary chance (Druid, Paladin, Rogue)
  3. Do weekly World Boss
  4. Do weekly quest (Druid, Paladin, Rogue – Druid only if it is PVP based)
  5. Do LFR wings (last week only the first week was only one wing – Druid, Paladin, Rogue)
  6. Check to see if there is a Mythic + in LFG (Druid, Paladin)
  7. Level alts with Rest XP, until Rest XP is gone (Shaman, Monk, Demon Hunter in that order currently)

That is my systematic approach to WoW currently. Last week I did exactly that, and burned through all of my rest exp on those three alts. Once I get a few more of them to max level I won’t be able to sustain that playtime but it will be nice to have options.

Add to that I complete the daily Hearthstone quest and keep chests rolling unlock in Clash Royale, plus I eat, sleep, work out and go to to work. My life is very scheduled.

All of this will come to a screeching halt when the new Mass Effect game comes out, which is the release I am most looking forward to in *years* for a game. Here is to hoping the recapture the magic of the first 2.5 in the series.

Enjoy your WoW Christmas today, may the legendary items rain from the sky. Peace on Azeroth and goodwill to all player kind.

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  1. You and I have different definitions of casual. That you were able to complete 1-6 on 3 different characters AND burn through rested XP on 3 more… that’s a lot. A lot, a lot.

    I guess it’s effort vs time for the argument. Mind you mythic+…

    1. It actually sounds worse than it is.
      1 is “done” until next patch.
      2 Literally is done in 10 minutes or less, per character (get the addon WORLD QUEST GROUP FINDER, soon as you enter into a world quest zone, it autogroups you, so you burn through those)
      3 is 5 minutes per character
      4 DOES take time, but I have the week to do it. I only did one run (of 12) last night to hit that. It is run four Mythics this week… Remember, Mythic+ is all timed so its fast, fast fast.
      5 LFR Wings, 20 mins Max (per character, per week)
      6 is part and parcel
      7 it takes a full week to get full rest XP, and I don’t wait the week, so sometimes it is literally wait 2 days, run an instance, and it’s gone.

      Time wise (broken down that way) it is 0 minutes on 1, 30 minutes daily for 2 (unless Kirin Tor or Wardens, of which I will combine those with other zone quests when they pop) 210 minutes weekly. 15 minutes on 3, 4 is quest dependent (and I don’t always hit all of them) – say 80 minutes per character, 5 is 60 minutes, 7 is around an hour.

      Weekly gaming that is about 10 hours. Since it is my “exclusive” game for the most part right now, that doesn’t *feel* like a ton. =)

      1. Sounds like you keep a spreadsheet handy! You’re right, it doesn’t seem like much. I’d be curious if you actually timed the sessions though. My guess is that it’s a fair bit over 10 🙂

        1. Oh, that’s playtime – not wait around to play time. Lots of the queues allow for alt tabbing or resource management (I do play AH to fund my sub) but for the most part, outside of my Rogue, those queues are very short (heal / tank). I will try to track this week to see how I stick to it =) Funny enough, I installed “Rescue time” for fun on my PC which tracks how much active time you have spent everywhere on your computer (just checked, replying to you on here and clicking blog links was 8 minutes. I logged into WoW this morning and did 8 world quests in 11 minutes. It’s a nifty program that way.. not sure if I have evenings flagged or not…

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