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Remember that Bah Humbug the day before? Well, it still rings true. I did find something cool about Destiny quite by accident while surfing Tales of The Aggronaut – that Destiny has a web browser to look at your characters, stats and stuff. They have your characters done in a stylized cartoon way that really works  that was probably done for poly counts and load times. In game the models are much more realistic and high def. Since I found it (Thanks Bel!) here are my three Destiny characters.

My Character Sheet(s)

Titans are the big brutes in the Destiny world, heavily armored and an in your face kind of combatant. My Titan currently has my lowest light level (*316)  as I haven’t played on him much in the expansion. Although, I have played with him the most overall. Time Played counters have a way of making you feel like you haven’t dedicated enough of your life to something else. Two days I’ll never get back. But hey, at least it helps provide compelling content to readers! The interesting breakdown on my time played is spent is Strikes (3 man PVE instances) and Story (around 50%). The PVE is great in Destiny and that is what I enjoy most in game.

I actually share the account with my son, since you need a Playstation Plus membership to play online. He didn’t like Titan but made a Hunter instead.

Maybe somewhat embarrassed to see he has played almost a full day less than I, but it is interesting to me to see that the far majority of his time was spent in strikes – roughly 50%. Whereas mine is 25% strikes and 25% through the main story missions. Fun to see where he gets his most enjoyment. Hunters are medium armored, agile fighters.

Once both of those characters were Maximum light for us (Raids were out of reach) we both started sharing in on one character since we figured we might as well round it all out with the third class, the Warlock.

The Warlock is a light armored casting class. There are no true healers in Destiny but at least they covered the three DPS types. Warrior, Hunter, Mage. This is the character I have chosen to play more of in the Rise of Iron expansion which is why he has the highest light level. Also interesting is to see the balance of how Story mode takes precedent over Strikes when you are in new content/leveling mode.

Destiny feels similar to Legion WoW in terms of loot – you get items (engrams) that are blue or purple and get decoded into a Rare, Legendary, or Exotic item that is close to your overall light level. There aren’t too many giant jumps in gear in Destiny it is more of an incremental, slow climb. Each rarity of engram does have a cap. Sometimes when playing and I catch a familiarity from one of Blizzard’s other titles it makes me wonder if they are talking to one another with best practices or if it is pure coincidence. That’s a whole other post, however.

There is a little flavour on the style and look of Destiny, through I has PC’s customization style.

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