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I finally transmogged my Druid. At ilvl 867 upgrades are few and far between and the parts that I hated about transmog (having to redo it every piece everytime there was an ugrade) is most likely slowing to a crawl for me. I have never been one to worry about costume sets and the look of my character(s). I fondly remember the early years where you wore your best no matter how much it mismatched the rest of your gear. Gear was survival, after all. There were two things that pushed me over the edge on my transmog. First, was that I became exalted with the Nightfallen faction which gave me class hall armor shoulders. The red and yellow velvety smoothness of that gear clashed horribly with the purple and brown spiky setup the leather armor currently is. Here is the leather set (on my Rogue – it’s basically the exact same on the druid)

While not terrible in itself, I have been staring at the exact same armor set on both of my main characters since Legion basically launched. Check out the wicked Outlaw cutlasses though, love that design. Still, I had enough. Here is the Druid Class set, fully transmogged to get away from the base leather look:

I feel like it fits the druid well, and is so opposite of what I have been staring at that it was a nice ‘mog. It also looks great when I have my bear claws on instead of my healing staff. Funny thing is, in game, I was getting a texture error on the chest for a while until I re-logged. Felt like an undershirt or something.

I found it amusing that it wasn’t just a solid texture,  Blizzard even used branding on their mistakes.  What is it with Blizzard and purple this expansion?

What I dislike about the transmog system in WoW is that if you get an upgrade you have to do it all over again. I should just be able to pick my look and have it stay regardless of new gear. I had transmogged earlier in the expansion to my Malorne set but with daily upgrades it became a pain to maintain. I know there is a whole sub segment of the Blizzard population that loves to ‘mog, and I hope they improve the way it works in the future. Otherwise it is purely an endgame activity for the impatient such as myself.

My Rogue is already ready to hit Mythic dungeons although I suspect getting into one of those PUG groups will be far more challenging as just DPS. I did finish her Class Hall campaign and am already looking forward to the next Class Hall campaign I plan on working on – my Paladin. I keep struggling with my desire to hit my alts with so much to do on my main, but the Class Hall quests are just such a fun thing to do – to experience the expansion through the different perspectives is too good to give up. My Paladin has a long way to 110 still (sitting at 104) but after seeing her Class Hall armor that acts as another enticement.

compliments WoWhead.com

I mean, I always wanted to be Bumblebee from Transformers….

I guess this blog is a WoW blog for now. I am fine with that.

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