Mo’ Money No Problems

Legion is proving very easy to earn money in. I did have a goal of getting a “free” month through the token system by playing the AH. I already have two with most of my month to go still. I know Leo’s Life mentioned he has millions of gold in a recent post – I suppose I should have played Warlords of Draenor afterall. This does really make me wonder – with so many players flush with cash, who is actually paying for the tokens with cash? When I buy my next two months with 34k gold each, which player paid $20 cash for each of those to offset the monetary losses? I am very curious.

Token bridge to nowhere?

Couchon, my “main” has an 825 ilvl and hasn’t stepped foot in a heroic dungeon yet (but am able to queue for mythics). There is definitely never a shortage of anything to do. Thankfully World Quests are gated to one faction per day (so it seems) but my quest journal is still overflowing – AND I still have a full zone to explore and experience. I am definitely getting a huge itch to play an alt and I burned my 100 boost on a Hunter because I was convinced I wanted a ranged DPS class. I boosted and got to playing only to realize that I hate the Marksman rotation. That felt like a waste and I definitely should have went with the Warrior after all (or at least, used the free 100 trial character BEFORE boosting). It is really easy to “justify” spending the money on a new boost – since my sub will seem to be free indefinitely with just a tiny effort of running a mod every couple of days there is a part of me that thinks it is worth spending that money instead of that time. Still, at this point, I will invest the time instead of the cash. It isn’t that hard right now. I also have my Paladin at 101 and thematically I always aligned well with that. Warrior of the light and everything, just like real life. The truth is that there is just so much to do on one character that I am having a hard time imagining doing it on another. Curiosity is getting me though as I really want to experience the other class quests.

Tanks Everywhere?

My change from main healing to 5 man tanking revolved around loving 5 mans and hating waiting in line. I find it really fascinating that in this expansion I have not hit a Tank queue yet! I always enter into the group finder as both tank and heal as my role options, and so far it has always been healing. Sure, I have only completed around 15 or so instances but that is quite the streak. I wonder if it is because of how easy people are finding PVE as a tank and the proliferation of the new Demon Hunters with a tanking option. I don’t mind healing now that gear changes with spec (something I hoped they would do 3 expansions ago). It makes it easy to play other roles without much additional effort. I am really curious to see if it is just a string of bad luck or a new trend. I am really looking forward to tanking – if it ever happens.

(note: I somehow published an unedited version. This should be cleaner. Going to take another pass but had to do a fast update because it was really, extra, terrible. =)


  1. Asmiroth

    I find healing a lot harder in Legion than tanking, as is often the case at a start of an expansion. Fixed mana pools mean creative heals. Plus, there’s a DH in every group nowadays.

    1. Isey (Post author)

      I can’t confirm without any tanking experience, but yes, healing (especially heroics) has been challenging. It’s actually a refreshing challenge!

  2. C. T. Murphy

    Tanks are poorly balanced. We’re overpowered, more fun than DPS, and have new DH cousins too. Plus, it is a great leveling option (I wouldn’t level a Warrior any other way).

    1. Isey (Post author)

      Definitely changes the dynamic when a “kill 10 mobs” quest as a Guardian Druid is a “make a single pull, kill everything” quest. Definitely a ton of fun soloing elite content =)

  3. Hazzieandsof

    I’ve been surprised about all the gold to be honest. I haven’t really “played” the AH ever, but I have been interested in giving it a try. I just haven’t really figured out where to start. I’m interested in one of those tokens, but I’m not sure how much time it all takes. Is it easier to earn the gold for the token or just pay the $15?

    1. Isey (Post author)

      Hi Hazzie! It’s really easy with just a bare minimum of effort (10 minutes a day). Without any serious effort I have almost 80k in the bank now and that’s almost 3 months of subscription. Simplest thing: Download the Addon “Auctioneer”. Park one alt by the bank / auction house. Use Auctioneer once per day to “scan” the AH. This gives baseline and historical prices of everything available.

      When you are done questing for the day, mail everything that has “crafting regent”, BOE, etc. to your Toon at the AH. You can use the “batch post” feature to automatically post everything in your inventory based off of market prices You choose “undercut” and it will post it just a bit cheaper than what is currently available.

      i am a herbalist and alchemist so I do put all of those things on the AH as well, but it raises alot. I have a guildmate who is much further ahead than I am and he has made 300,000 on Flasks alone this expansion. Never pay a sub again! And if you are someone who likes to balance their spending, you now just freed up money for a free level 100 or even a dinner out with friends – depending on how much you make =)


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