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I have never been one for screenshots. I really wish I was great at that back in the days when everything was new and exciting in online gaming but those days are long gone. What I have noticed in my Legion play through that I find myself with several OOOOH and AAAAAH moments and find myself cracking on the screenshot key farm more than normal. I never quite realized how pretty the World of Warcraft really is.

Here are a small sample of some of my recent adventures:

Really? Why does Malfurion get flight form this early in the expansion? HAX!

Dragons, Giant Trees and Bears – Oh MY!

I didn’t even notice this until I turned around to grab a herb. Was an amazing discovery. We spend too much time looking down in our virtual worlds

Glitter butt complementary of random alchemy buff

I would play this if it was a racial option. Also, side buzz cuts on women are so trendy right now

Stuck in hell? HEL-YA! (… groan)

OK – I never promised that I was actually good at TAKING screenshots and I definitely don’t take many – but hopefully this is a small reminder of how beautiful Azeroth really is. Do you have a favourite SS?


  1. Aywren

    Amazing… this game is still looking very good! 😀

  2. Asmiroth

    I like the Nordic stuff, so Stormheim to me looks great, especially when you get to hell. I’ve taken my fair share as well, as there’s a lot of thought into some of the locales. Except Azsuna, blargh. It’s like a blue version of Azshara.

    That said, are you playing on a 13″ monitor, or is it just the text that’s in a large font?

    1. Isey

      I do all my gaming on a Razor Blade so yeah, it’s pretty small. It’s also 3200 x (forget) but sometimes I hook it up to a bigger monitor, which is less, and confuses it. And when I play in windowed mode all sorts of crazy things happen to my text sizes. ELVUI also defaults small. There are all of my excuses! =P


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