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The launch of the Legion App is not breaking news although the actual launch time is still a mystery. In the past I would have groaned at the prospect of this style of interaction. You can’t MMO on a portable and being always connected definitely doesn’t feel healthy. Then again not much of MMO gaming is.

Surprisingly to me I am really looking forward to it. Truth is the companion missions feel like they shouldn’t really be in game anyway and it is better suited for a small device. Their “necessity” in this expansion is a surprise to me (remember I skipped all of Warlords of Draenor where this style of game play became synonymous with WoW) and I view it as a nice questing break and a new part of my routine.

How I play is pretty simple and ritualistic:

  • I gather materials I come across while questing during my playtime
  • hearth to Dalaran to see if any new quests pop up
  • sell my junk/old equipment
  • use materials I harvested to get skillups
  • mail my sell-able items to my auction house mule
  • dreamweave to class hall
  • check in on missions / followers / quests (etc.)
  • log into my AH mule
  • collect gold, put up new listings
  • logoff

It is a 10 minute or so ritual. The Class Hall missions I am often logging in during the day to keep them flowing. With most of my missions taking two or four hours currently there is a lot of passive content to consume and rewards to be had. This will take out that entire step and allow me to continue progressing offline while at work, with my friends, dinner with my family, at a wedding… wait, did I mention something about health earlier…

Going for Gold

My goal is to not have to pay my subscription when it comes up and I purchased two months to help me get my feet wet. I think at my current play I will be fine. I use Auctioneer (addon) in WoW to scrape the prices on the Auction House and then batch post what I have in my inventory for profits. It automatically undercuts the current lowest price and is very handy. I mailed all of my old ‘crap’ to my AH mule (my Shaman, used to be my main) and she posts and collects. The old things really aren’t selling that well but every once and a while they will. Not a huge surprise since new expansions brings new focus. I am, however, making a killing off of the herbs I have collected while leveling  – 5000 gold last night alone. I am not expecting this to keep up as right now people are racing to level and with alts and secondary specs may not be focused on farming.

Say Fjarnskaggl 5 times fast….

Here I am using the Armory App but only to see if things are selling. Posting is way easier in the addon.

I have made almost $15,000 in gold so far doing this and mostly from the new things that I am finding while leveling – I may not get a free month every month but if I can push it out that I am only subbing every 60 days that isn’t so bad. Truth is I am less worried about it than in the past because I am actually putting in the hours and the time to make it feel like I am getting value from subscribing. The AH money raising is just another fun way to play a game within the game.

I can’t wait for the app to come out to maximize the effectiveness of my Order Hall. I’ll let you know how that works out.


  1. bhagpuss

    “You can’t MMO on a portable”

    Really? My cheap Chinese dual OS Win10/Android Tablet plays most older MMOs just fine. Not only will it play WoW but there’s an app that adds touch controls to games that don’t have them and it has a pre-set for WoW. My thought on seeing the WoW App was “why would I use that when I can just log into the full game?”

    Of course, I’ve found from experience that I don’t actually like using my tablet to play MMOs – not because it doesn’t do a good job – it does – but because I begrudge using that time for MMOs rather than doing what I would otherwise have been doing – reading or watching non-gaming stuff.

  2. Isey

    As I was writing that I thought of you because I was pretty sure you had pulled it off before, but I couldn’t recall exactly =) For me, without my 15 button mouse that wouldn’t be fun. The APP will save me logging in a few times a day at those exact moments would I would only be logging in to do things that the game doesn’t need me to log in for anyway. Ugh. That may have been the worst sentence I have ever written in my life. Top 3, anyway.

  3. Asmiroth

    You should try TSM and the auction portion. Even if you don’t craft, I find it great to organize items into groups for posting, at different rule sets.


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