Opening Presents in WoW

Couchon, my “main”, finally made it to level 100 after prancing around in both participatory and non participatory ways of Legion invasions.

Couchon before boxes

At the end of it all, there were many gifts to open!During my time in invasions I had the following:

Large Legion Chests x 41

Small Legion Chests x 34

I have no clue why the difference. If I missed out on certain stages, miscounted, or whatnot – but when I added it up at the end those were the two tallies. Clicking on the links above gives the full loot tables, and you can get multiple pieces per open. How did my Druid do in terms of gear?

Item ilvl 700 ilvl 710 % slot
Head 6 1 8.64%
Gloves 6 7.41%
Pants 8 1 11.11%
Boots 13 1 17.28%
Belt 10 2 14.81%
Wrists 2 1 3.70%
Shoulder 8 2 12.35%
Vest 10 1 13.58%
Weapon 9 11.11%
Total 72 9 100.00%
% 88.89% 11.11%

Pretty spread out across the board. I also received 2 Upgrade Fel (it takes 6 to  upgrade your weapon from 700 to 725), a couple thousand in gold from selling the extras, and just under 1500 Nethershards (which you use to buy rings, trinkets, cloak, neck, etc.) I had enough to buy all of them plus the additional upgrade Fel to get both my Tanking and Healing weapons maxed out. Don’t forget to swap your specs to make sure that you can get the other, appropriate weapon. Which, I am guessing, doesn’t really matter with artifact weapons on the way. There is a bug with the Leather chest for Druids that doesn’t show the AGI / INT swap during specs, so I kept changing to see if one would drop. Turns out Google reigns supreme once more with the easy answer with little effort.

Couchon with full gear (and boxes left to open)

The event was/is fun, and undoubtedly the fastest way to level with the bonus of the mini-game of opening chests for loots afterwards. I am trying to decide how much effort I am going to put into this event for my alts – I still need to save the Draenor leveling experience for one, and I will get a free level 100 when/if I buy Legion. Much to do, all the same.

How was your luck with the chests from the events?


  1. bhagpuss

    I don’t find the invasions all that much fun but that isn’t because of the events themselves. I am seriously struggling with the combat, which is unbelievably unconvincing. I can’t remember ever playing an MMO where I felt as little connection with the buttons I’m pressing and anything that’s happening on screen. I’ve tried with four classes now and they are all exactly the same in this respect.

    It’s weird because i have never had this problem when playing solo, duoing or in dungeon groups in WoW and I’ve never had this problem in huge zerg events in other MMOs. Whatever it is, I can’t stand to do these events for long – about an hour and a half is the most I’ve managed so far.

    I opened enough chests at the start to replace all my gear on two characters but then i started banking them and now everyone’s running around in gear ten or fifteen levels too low!

    1. Isey (Post author)

      It’s impossible as a tank (solo) since the bosses are big and one hit. I ended up switching to a healing spec so I could at least do *something* that felt productive.

      With the right addons on you can see what things the bosses are doing and avoid alot of the big damage, but yes, it’s a gong show.

      I am guessing not a single other thing is going on though, I mean, no 5 mans, etc. The XP is just too good. Once this is gone it is going to be really hard to go back to quest / dungeon leveling (remember, I was trying to do that!)

  2. coppertopper

    Only thing I’m missing is a shield for my paladin, although I got 2 main hand weaps. Not even sure if one drops. Great event in context of getting people back into the game with the carrot dangling of great loot and easy levelling all framed within the lore of the upcoming expansion. I’ve really enjoyed seeing my main toon get nearly maxed out on gear, we’ll almost. I like how the rng factor allows for poosible upgraded drops from 700 to 710 to 720…keeps giving you reasons to dip in for just 1 more invasion…


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