You Go WildStar

It’s videos like this that make me want to play WildStar again.

And then it’s announcements like this that remind me that this game should have changed it’s business model about a year ago. Which is prior to launch. Everybody knew there was no more room for a sub based game into today’s climate.

It doesn’t help that WildStar‘s numbers continue to fall, dropping 50% to a bit over $2 million in sales. This continues the downward trend established with the last financial report from the publisher.

I’ll go back and play it when they get to fixing the payment model, which feels like soon. However, there is a concerning thing here – the last numbers I could find on COH had it under 3M a quarter before it was shuttered.  Could WildStar face that fate instead?

I have written quite a bit about WildStar. I was one of those with high hopes for it. It came really close but fell short for me as a Dominion player who couldn’t find a guild or people to play with.

The only other thing stopping me from paying a subscription to WildStar (yes, I said the *S* word) is that I am now firmly in the camp of one character, many roles. (FF / TSW / GW2 / Etc.) Even watching that video I was thinking I would go back and play my Stalker! No, my Engineer! No, my Medic! No my.. dammit.. I didn’t settle in on one character class. I ended up playing the beginning planets 6 times looking to find my groove. I think that style of character progression now works best for me as I can play one character and get enjoyment of the full game, instead of running alts. I don’t have time for alts.

aint nobody got time for that animated GIF

So there it is. I hope to be back on Nexus someday.

alderaan animated GIF

Unless it ends up getting the CoH treatment from NCSoft. I just don’t believe they have recouped their investment yet, but I can’t see how 2M a quarter even covers salary for a game with major updates being released.

Sorry for the GIFS. I wrote this end of day for me and my mind was feeling mushy.


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  1. I highly doubt they’d shutter it this quickly. I imagine there would be other publishers interesting to at least pick it up on the cheap and keep it going. It is a solid enough game that F2P and an expansion could easily revive it to something more worthwhile.

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