Quotable : Games and Murder

This gem from Canada’s Maclean’s Magazine:

Lise Aserud/ Reuters

Neither a televised trial involving two psychiatric assessments nor his 1,500-page manifesto could quite explain his giving up World of Warcraft for real-life mass murder.

Clearly, you either play WoW or kill people. There is no in between.


  1. C. T. Murphy

    You know how I know this article is terrible without actually reading it? I did a search for ‘warcraft’ to find the relevant explanation and it only showed up once.

    1. Isey (Post author)

      Maclean’s is the Time magazine of Canada. It’s the reputable weekly news source magazine, which is why I found it a bit crazy to write that without much further explanation or clarification.

      1. C. T. Murphy

        Yeah, it seems to be a really, really strong assumption of the types of people who play such a game. To not further qualify or explain it at all seems grossly incompetent at the very least.


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