Darkest Dungeon EP6 – We Kill a Boss

Onward and upward! Riding high, I figure it is time for our team to take on some real challenges. Boss missions!

Except they are gated to keep it a challenge. I can’t use my level three adventurers for an easy kill (see above, even I am denying myself!). Looks as though I have to use level two or lower adventurers. I have lots of those, thankfully! I am not sure if i like that idea, of artificially keeping the challenge high. Sometimes in RPGs there is a certain satisfaction to going back to an area when you overpower it to get sweet, sweet revenge. I would think in a game such as this that is a lot about permanent death and dismay that that revenge factor would rate high on the fun scale. I have faith in the team anyway, so not that critical.

The Necromancer is the first boss of three in the Ruins. Imposing figure, and I wonder what challenges he holds? Really excited (and curious) to see how this unfolds. So far there have been a standard 5+ types of mobs in each of the dungeons and the game does lack a bit of variety that way. Bosses, hopefully, will not only introduce new mob types but also some fight mechanics and/or strategic challenges.

Complete disastrous start. In the first room I lose Syp. How are we going to take down a boss with just three adventurers? No matter – we will press on. This event was expensive to provision and even if we can’t kill the boss we are going to break even (or MAKE money). That’s right, I am GM-Accounting this. Push on team! For glory! For treasure! For Syp! (for profit!)

At least LEO was inspired by my calls to profitable action! All I had to do was send him a spreadsheet of probabilities of success versus increased death. Plus I promised I’d keep him on the back line of the attack, so he could always retreat if things got bad.

The haul has been good. We camp knowing that the Necromancer is in the next room. It can’t hurt to at least peek in and learn mechanics, can it? Look at how Leo is down to basically zero stress. The impact of a character with an in dungeon ‘boon’ is incredible. They are rare, but amazing when it does happen. It usually ends up calming the entire group and slowing any mental decline. This screen also shows the Respite points, yet spent to further improve health and mental states.

And here he is. Just another 8′ creature in a bathrobe. Easy peasy lemon breezy. I am certain that is some sort of laundry list. I am also far more interested in what could be in that giant treasure chest in the middle of the room.

Ok, the Necromancer “wields evil like fire!”, and every time he attacks he spawns a skeleton creature. I suppose that makes sense, because NECROMANCER (duh!). Aywren has a bit of AOE but GrumpyElf is all single target greatness. I focus Aywren on the adds and keep GrumpyElf on the boss. standard WoW-style boss fight, right?

Exactly. Except with more loot. He (they) are no match for our 25% depleted team! Aywren, GrumpyElf and Leo are triumphant! So is our stash of treasure and goodies. If we had a stock price, it would be at an all time high.

Syp is still dead. May he rest in peace.

Oh WelshTroll, you and your disappearing on drunken benders. (remind me to visit you next time I cross the pond..)

What is interesting here is not only that Murf is no longer alone in the Graveyard, but that it says Syp ‘fell to the hand of an ally’. More disturbing is that before he died he exclaimed that “I can take care of this myself!” or something along that line. He was afflicted with ‘Hopelessness’ at the time of his death and I am left wondering if he actually committed suicide? A tragedy either way, but that would just be craziness. Those of us that think we know Syp think we know he would never do that.

I forgot to let Zubon destress after the prior mission and he refused to pray in the Abbey. When I brought him to the tavern, he refused to drink and gamble as well. The above is a montage of Zubon’s apparent sexual appetite. To be clear I am not claiming any real word similarities, just pointing out the in-game obvious!

Getting low on healers with Tesh on a religious sojourn and WelshTroll lost due to a bender, so checking my blogroll I recruit SYL to to the team! I am four episodes ahead right now (can’t stop playing) and I promise you that more death and glory await this merry band of misfits adventurers!

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  1. RIP Syp! 🙁

    I’m surprised I’m still alive, but hopefully, that’s a good thing! I still haven’t beat that boss after I lost to him the first time (I had to retreat after I beat him down to 1 hp… I’m still seeing red from that). I’ll need to build up a team and challenge him again!

    1. It has been so much fun. I have everything done until Episode 10 =) It is so hard to just not post the next 4 episodes every hour, LOL! I will refrain though!!

      1. Oh, I bet! It’s always cool to read your episodes because it’s great that someone is as enthusiastic as me about this game, and you really get that across.

        I think Darkest Dungeon has found its way on many folk’s playlist lately. For good reasons! 🙂

    1. Glad you are enjoying it =) I am having so much fun playing it, and it’s been fun sharing the stories =)

      Welcome to the team! Hope you live long enough to get a screenshot in.. =P

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