I Still Can’t Build

.. but I am having a lot of fun trying. Some shots of my “progress”

A hole you say? Yes. I was able to craft dynamite and threw 10 sticks (one by one) in a single spot. Explosives could end up being a lot of fun in this game. They need to tune it so its more random on the explosions – its  pretty perfect cylinder down.

Starting to take shape. I ended up taking out the bottom one and moving it up more to top of the mountain. Still not really a dragon’s head, but obviously something with a mouth (obvious, right? RIGHT?)

Distressing and aging rock will be an art form. I did mention my art ability…

The fire doesn’t show well. I did fire nostrils and the fire in his throat is actually from the fireplace in the house. Except I can’t get a picture of either from front on right now (will need to build scaffolding..) its the angle of everything.

I am just putting this in for the lighting/shadows effects. They are really well done.

I am no where near getting this done or near some really, really amazing pieces of works that pros are pulling out in Alpha but its fun and I feel like I am learning the tools, and getting better. I farmed out most of the top end stations and items in the game so its kind of “hurry up and wait”. All you can do is build and harvest. Soon, they’ll add water, and underground caverns (etc.) which will then really bring the game to life.

I’ll stop posting pictures unless I really get it together – go check out some amazing ones. It has been fun seeing other’s create and learn to create as well and I’ll start posting less on pictures and more on gameplay, looking ahead, etc.


  1. Mehlan

    Hey.. don’t forget that grappling hook for those hard to get angle shots… 🙂

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