Love Thy Neighbor

Well, now that I see Bhagpuss is playing testing I need to go claim beside him! Then I can love him and squeeze him and call him George. No, I wouldn’t be THAT annoying. I also won’t link to his updates every day =)

That silly thought was inspired by meeting two of my neighbors – one at the foot of my mountain (ok, not my mountain.. but im on the peak!) and one accross the canyon…

The bottom neighbor is from the UK AND plays similar times to me. We are constantly running into each other. Sometimes a small chat, other times just a wave as we pass each other. Sometimes we use each other’s crafting stations depending on who has what ready.

(Edit: I wrote this a couple of days ago. I logged in today and my neighbor was gone. Land unclaimed – maybe I do smell, or maybe they went to the new shiny server that has lots of sweet claimable spots left….)

Since it is a non-instanced world this starts begging the questions if neighbors have disputes or simply dislike each other there could be some issues. You can block people from coming on your claim but I am curious what tools they will end up having available.  Not to focus on the negative, the link above to Bhagpuss has a good community story – and I am even MORE excited to see what collaboration tools SOE provides.

That ledge way off in the distance is mine. Well, the ledge is gone (voxels aren’t saving properly) but I own the top of the mountain. I’m thinking art deco chic cottage. Whatever that means. Some random Landmark thoughts:

  • build your tools first. Its not as fun until you get the tools! you can’t build nearly as well or with as many options.
  • it is a grind. You have to grind out mats to make the equipment to craft the tools to grind out mats to make the new equipment to craft the new tools to grind out mats to make the even newer equipment to craft the even newer tools to grind out mats….
  • Things break/get lost/don’t work/stop working all the time. It is Alpha. Have the right attitude or it becomes not fun really quick.
  • Lots of things aren’t working – but the fun is on full bore =)

I am 30 burled logs (if you are in alpha, you are pulling your hair right now) from the LINE tool which helps you slope (think roof?) from what I have read. Once I have that, I am going to stop grinding and start building my cabin in the woods.


  1. bhagpuss

    Heh! I am also on a mountain now. I should be posting about it tomorrow or Sunday, I hope. It’s on Serenity, Basin island. You’re more than welcome to move in next door although the next mountain along is already taken and I’m pretty sure living next to whatever I build is going to knock your property value for a loop.

    I was thinking about the adjacency issue too. I actually have two mountains in my claim and as soon as voxels stop vanishing I’ll definitely be building a bridge between them. It occurred to me that I could expand that bridge to a complete floor covering the whole of my claim and if there’s anyone below me they will never see the sun again. The possibilities for neighbor disputes are legion.

  2. Isey (Post author)

    It’s hard to give up a mountaintop. Serenity seems to be the busiest server now! I am on Courage – Ledge (2) and I’m Eastern most mid mountain top. I just unclaimed and claimed lower so I could build INTO the mountain instead of on top of it.

    Regardless.. grinding to the line tool still! I *will* stop by and check out your digs – let me know when you get something up. I love wandering in this game and seeing who has built what =) Good inspiration!

    Eventually, if they allow multiple and/or shared claims at some point in the alpha we can test that out for fun =) Back to the article – with land at a premium neighbors will be stuck. Depends on how much land there actually is if people can move =)


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