Monday Mourning – Nov 17, 2008

To be honest I don’t get what most people hate about Monday mornings. I tend to work weekends, so there is definitely no rest for the wicked at ihaspc. My to-do list on Mondays is as long as any other day but I tend to ease into everyone else’s typical work week – check blogs, prioritize tasks (I know, the irony, considering that comes second) and catch up on emails. Usually Multitasked. I decided Mondays will be my little themed post where I ramble off a bunch of randoms. What better way to “start” the week?

RIP – Burning Crusade: Much how mauve is the new pink, Burning Crusade is the new Azeroth. Empty. Of every class except Death Knights. If you play by your tune and have a healer alt in the 60’s now is the optimum time to level that toon up – there are hundreds of Death Knights begging – and paying – for healers to work with them through instances. One group offered 100 gold for a basic Ramparts run. Of course, his name was Chucknorus so you might hold out for 200 gold. With everyone in the mad dash to be the first 80 (most classes/races have already hit that mark on server firsts on Whisperwind) I wonder if destroying old content areas such as Azeroth and BC gives Blizzard cost savings on server loads, etc. – that resources normally held to hold high populations in those zones. Perhaps abandoning that content is as much a business as a stupid move? On a side note, how in the hell is the Wow Armory service STILL in beta?

More after the break.


Models Needed!

I have a dirty little secret – I freelance some articles for a PC magazine (nothing cutting edge like, uhm, this blog or anything, but class and levelling guides and the like). I will write a different post about that experience as it has been fun and interesting at the same time. But for now, in typical freelance writer fashion, I am pushing a couple deadlines (that are pushing back) and I need some models. No previous experience necessary.

I am out of town on business and this laptop doesn’t allow me to play anything half decent. Which means, while my articles are pretty much all spiffed out and done, I can’t get the necessary pictures to accompany them. Which is why I am calling out for a little assistance.

I need in game pictures of Ironbreakers, Engineers, Runepriests, and Magus – (which one of these kids is doing their own thing?) In action, standing around, in compromising positions – whatever! High resolution preferred. Cleaner the better – no UI’s/Names etc where possible, but at this point I’ll take a good look at anything. I bet you are wondering what you will get out of it, besides helping such a great person such as myself <pause for laughter> and the definite global karma bonus – I will caption your character’s name in (everyone wants to be famous!) unless you want to remain anonymous. Please email action shots to

Since I just published my gmail account I am sure I will end up on a bunch of spam-lists too – hey, with great responsibility comes great sacrifice.

And, no Tesh, Puzzle Pirates characters don’t count. Not for this month anyway.

Ebert @ the MMO

I finished Fallout 3 – very quickly. I probably spent 10 hours on side quests, and 5 on the main quest line – and it was over. I finished at level 12 (I hear there are 20 levels, but I didn’t figure that out). The end was a bit of a dissappointment, but at least I have replay value. Going through it again, but this time I am going to be a goody two shoes. I didn’t get a friend in that game, and the dog stuck around with me for a bit before he hit a chain of landmines. Instead of burying him a la “I am Legend”, I scavenged the dog meat and moved on. I was thinking about how good of an experience that game is and immediately started thinking on the ways I would have liked it to be different.


I caught myself and asked that question. I don’t go to the movies and want to change the movie. The movie is either good, or bad, or somewhere in between. I don’t come to my blog after watching 007 and say “boy, that James Bond movie was SWEET! Too bad the Aston Martin didn’t have a built in grappling hook. Or that part, where he shoots the guy in the foot and does a round house kick? That would have been SOOO much better if only he shot him in the face and then kicked him in the nads. And the camera angle when he was hanging off the bottom of the chopper should have been from the left, not right. And if only they changed his spy name to 009 – haha, then it would have been a GREAT movie!!”

We don’t think that way. I suppose it is because movies (and television) are passive entertainment. You pay, you eat popcorn, you watch, you enjoy. Maybe you don’t enjoy, but you observe. At the end, you are $25 bucks lighter and had an experience, good or bad. Games are move active entertainment. You control the hero/bad guy, and you go out and shoot your own movie. Movies are also “one offs”, you know you can settle in for 90 minutes and it’s done, where in gaming it is a much larger time commitment (for the most part) and you have to invest that time, and money, to advance your entertainment. My final point is that I prefer gaming as entertainment to the traditional passives, and I want to see better choices made.

Why do we do it? Did I miss anything important?

Random Post

Haven’t been updating as much this week as I have been doing crazy other stuff. Playing games. I have been moonlighting in Fallout 3, the L4D demo was released for preorder customers yesterday, and I have still been trying to re-find a comfort level with WoW. Some general thoughts about the three in this random post.

Fallout 3 : I am having a hard time getting used to it. I can’t find a mob respawn point anywhere. It’s so strange to kill something and have it stay dead, it’s body still there 4 hours after I return to the same spot. Strange. I spent the first four hours being a goody two shoes, and I believe the constant exposure to radiation caused me to ‘snap’ and in a fit of rage I killed everyone in Megaton (except my trusty robot butler). My goodie-two shoe-ness prevented me from doing it the easy way, by blowing up the atom bomb in the center of town (I disarmed it previously for the town Sherrif) so I had to shoot/hack everyone to death. I actually felt bad doing it, almost sick to my stomach. These were the people I was just helping moments ago, and now I am shuffling through their pockets and homes for anything of sale value. I am going to go wander in the wastelands a bit and see if I can find a new home base, hopefully I won’t slaughter them all this time. Wait.. what? People are hunting ME for being so evil? Since when do my actions in games have any meaning at all? Better work on getting that Karma back up. Here, poor thirsty guy sitting on the ground, take a bottle of non-radiated water. Taste good? Good. [head shot] – let’s see if you have anything of value on you, now that you are dead and don’t need it anymore. DAMN YOU RADIATION!

F3 has really reminded me how awesome it is in a game where your choices have an impact on the world. Being good opens different quests, so does being bad. So does staying in between. It is refreshing to have to think about my actions before I perform them. I have finally seen through the lies in the claims that MMO’s are persistant worlds. F3 is, literally. Now if google would make a plugin so I can chat with my friends while I play without having to alt-tab, we have a superb 2008 MMO here.

More after the break.


Familiarity Breeds Contempt

I am enjoying WAR. It hasn’t quite turned out the way I had supposed originally (or even beta tested) but it has enough good to stick around for a while to see how it all turns out. This little piece is going to comment on where I think WAR went wrong, but not in any micro or specific ways. More of the general attitude and design decisions from the top down which has put the game in a precarious position. A position they put themselves in but am glad to see they are making the move. MMO developers have a giant elephant in the room that they ‘don’t want to compete with’, but rather expand on the space that WoW has made mainstream. The MMO development cycle isn’t much of a mystery – see who is in the market, see what they do, and build from both their successes and mistakes. The mistake that WAR made was confusing what made WoW a success and what makes WoW a failure. They got it all backwards. They developed WAR with the good of WoW for the players, and the good of WoW for the company. These two things are competing resources and a delicate balance is much needed. What is often good for the company isn’t always good for the players – players want change with their new MMO’s. Let me further explain, after the break.


Apple Screwup?


 People love their Macs. Obviously I love my PC. I do have one Apple product I absolutely adore, and that is my iPhone. I used to have a Blackberry but find the full web functionality just superb in comparison. I drive a lot for work (for example, yesterday I drove 3 hours to have a 2 hour business meeting, than drove 3 hours home) and I did the arduous task of ripping all of my purchased CD’s and loading out a cool 1000 songs on my iPhone to make those long drives more enjoyable. I recently relocated my home office from spare room to basement, and going through my random box of computer junk and I came along a couple of beacons of shining light – not one – but TWO iTunes gift cards! I received them at a wedding a long time ago (one for myself, one for my wife) and was pumped. I haven’t updated my playlist in quite some time so here is the chance to download some new tunes before my big drive.


Knee Slapper (Updated!)

Going to write a BIG fat disclaimer here as it involves the current American Presidential campaign. I have American friends who are the staunchiest Rebpublicans and diehard Democrats alike – and I have been a part of how any sort of political discussion can anger one or both camps. Bless you for your beliefs, and I just found this extradordinarily funny and wanted to share. Group hug and good luck on the election.


PC – The Subscription Platform

There is an urban legend in the restaurant industry that often quotes a study with the following conclusion:

“Over 90% of Employees surveyed said they would steal if they were guaranteed they wouldn’t get caught”

I don’t know of the study, and can’t google-find it, and if you know if it is true or a lie please chime in. Regardless of the factuality of that statement it seems reasonable in its truthfulness. While we all pretend to be good little people (and many of us wouldn’t do it) if you picture the poor little employee who hates his job and his employer who makes bajillions of dollars, I can see how it would be hard for a lot of people not to under those circumstances.

This analogy easily transposes into the gamer and the big bad developer relationship. Gamers don’t want to spend money to support million dollar developers, because they are evil. Because they are evil it is okay to pirate their games. You can pirate, easily, and you won’t get caught. If you do somehow get caught nothing bad will happen to you. So why not pirate? Rhetorical question, before the morality arguments ensue. Developers use piracy as an excuse for lost revenues and the validaty of those arguments range from rediculous to maybe-somewhat-truthful. The counter arguments have been hashed, rehashed, re-rehashed, and re-re-re-rehashed that it isn’t even worth discussing anymore. We are at a stalemate as consumers with our entertainment partners. They want more, stronger DRM, to which (vocally, at least)  we tell them legitimate consumers won’t play. Developers are in a no win situation. Develop a game with DRM and lose consumers. Develop a game without it and lose sales. I discussed the possibility of a new purchase model that would only work on PC games sometime ago, somewhere, and want to discuss it again. Maybe we can design a program that will save PC gaming. If it really needs it.


I Has Comics (Fully Updated with 4th)

I always wanted to do an internet comic. Only two things held me back.

  1. Artistic Talent
  2. Sense of Humour

I know, those sound big, but really, this is the internet where anybody can almost fake anything.

I was waiting for a WAR model viewer to be done similiar to the WoW one to cover the ‘Artistic Talent’ issue. I sketched out my first 12 comics, which dealt with the cut classes, and waiting for the tech to make this hobby dream of mine a reality. With the announcement that the cut classes are coming back in (which I do have comics planned for as well) I don’t have time to do it the way I wanted, so I am releasing them – “as is”.

To see the first two and read about how much I make fun of myself for doing them, click here.

  • Hammerer Up
  • Black Guard Up
  • KOTBS Up
  • Choppa Up!

Take My Money.. PLEASE.

I am in the market for a new gaming laptop. I travel for work, not crazy amounts (about 7 days per month) and after I have tucked in my three year old over the phone and assured my wife I love her, I sit in a hotel room twiddling thumbs. A lot of the time I just do more work. I don’t really watch TV, except for sports and a few non-cable shows. Away from family and in strange towns I just want to be able to game in my jammy-jams and forget about work for awhile. I could passably play WoW on my old laptop but it finally died. MMO’s don’t work on my iPhone. So I am in the market.

The laptop I will still need to use for work so I can’t have flames, or skulls, or aliens all over it. Clean and nice is what I want. I also want one with significant gaming power – my last 2 laptops combined lasted me about 10 years, so I figure if I spend and get good components hopefully this one will too. I try to avoid paying for brand names. I have a budged of $3500. Research ensues.

I learn that CLEVO is a pretty good guts and bolts company for laptops and find a rediculously powerful one tricked out well within my budget. Here are the ‘stats’.


Happy Thanksgiving

Didn’t write much over the weekend, we Canucks have our thanksgiving early. Spent the time with friends and family, and had a great time.  I have a ton of things to “complain” about with gaming and MMO’s but heck, it’s a holiday here so instead figured I would send thanks out to my online friends, past and present.

Thank you to developers who have created a great entertainment space, and given reason for us armchair bloggerbacks to comment (ie: bitch and moan) about your products. Remember, it’s only because we like them that we try (urge) to get you to improve.

Thank you to all the bloggers out there who have inspired me to take the time to enjoy blogging myself. I read a solid 10 different bloggers a day, and always try to add my comments and support where possible. I’ll get to updating my Blogroll soon, I promise!

Thank you to people who lead the guilds I play in – these games really are all about community and a good guild does indeed change the entire gaming experience regardless of bugs, oversights, and general annoyances.

Thank you Joe, for setting up the nuts and bolts of this blog for me. I am sure you regret it now, but hey, if that is your worst regret you have other issues. Heck, you have other issues regardless.

Thank you, to the lady that paid for my coffee this morning. It was a long lineup in the drive through and I saw 5 other cars not let you in the line even though you waited patiently. Who knew that a friendly wave through to a complete stranger would result in free coffee. I am going to try that at the lineup at the bar next time.

And a general happy thought to everyone who reads this – we can’t change the world over night. Not the gaming nor the real one. Treat strangers with respect and courtesy. Hold a door open for someone, help someone carry something heavy. Cut your senior neighbor’s lawn for the heck of it. Help that poor tank get through the final stage of the PQ even though you have max influence. Don’t vendor that nice shiny blue item, give it out randomly to someone who can use it. The world(s) is/are a strange place, and I find that every little thing you do unselfishly both online and in the real one makes both a better place for those who are a part of it. While you can do nice things, and rarely receive a thank you for it, someone out there will take notice someday, and buy you a coffee.

Gobble Gobble.

HELP ME, HELP uh ME? (Update #1/#2)

It seems my blog pages ‘formatting’ is taking on a life of it’s own. I am not sure where/how I borked it, but it seems to be a streaming and stemming problem that is getting worse. Anyone out there suggest a good, clean theme (that I can’t possibly break?)

Update: Going to be messing around with a few preset layouts from WP. The black background is starting to hurt my own eyes when I type/read articles/comments. I guess their is a reason most use white space – go figure! (I use black paper at home with a white marker, I promise).

Update #2: Found a nice simple layout, white backdrop, and set width. With the old layout I really liked the flexibile width, but it made formatting posts a bit of a pain in the buttocks. Would look good when I did it on my 22″ widescreen monitor, but look like garbage on a smaller square one. So now, sticking with the set width. I am replacing the graphic above (it was the default) although I rather like it so I will just be incorporating the site name into it. Let me know if you like this one better than the black background one, curious if it is nicer to read on for you too.


With the spammy-gold-spamertons all over WAR there is a lot of coverage in Blognation about RMT and what to do with it. I covered my thoughts on RMT here before, and to summarize – if games mechanics are made so poorly that I can only enjoy the game by buying gold then something needs to change. There are all sorts of arguments about it, from the MMO ‘morality’ (if you buy gold, you probably don’t walk little old ladies accross the street), to the upper class of gaming (people who can afford to buy gold have an unfair advantage – because you make more money in real life shouldn’t give you an advantage in a online world where all are created equal!) to [insert typical argument here]. What we need is some sort of solution. An obvious one, but one I haven’t seen or heard much about (I don’t read every blog and website out there, so sorry if it has) is the simplest one of all. Make gold bind on pickup. Eliminate it from the equation altogether. How can we eliminate gold changing hands, without eliminating item trading? Enter the lovely world of leasing.

UPDATE: Check out the BanHammer counter on the WAR herald – cute 🙂



Having discerned a clarity issue in my previous (and most “famous”, because of it) post, I figured I would add a moment of (attempted) clarity. As much as I am already tired of discussing the WAR EULA, and EULA’s in general perhaps I positioned myself into an unclear stance, I would like to correct that.

I didn’t even realize the EULA was annoying until it was reported at Broken Toys. (I am not going to link to it again, I am sure everyone reading this has read it. If not, it is in my previous post). At that point, I did do a “Hey, yeah, that IS kind of annoying. Wonder why that is”. I didn’t have a second thought about it until I was cruising my favorite Warhammer fan site and found a poll regarding it. It too, is linked in the previous entry. That poll shows that (currently) 42% of the particpants of the poll are so outraged at the inconvenience of the new EULA format that they would either a) Not buy the game, b)find it highly annoying and will play the game less, or c) will think twice before booting up the game. This was the part I was flabbergasted at. WAR will have a ton of balance issues (class/realm/server) and the game will turn itself upside down in year one with nerfs and buffs. That doesn’t worry anyone – what DOES worry them is having to spend the (now cliche) 5 seconds of their life to do it. They don’t care about the CONTENT of the EULA and what it may, or may not contain, but having to click it upon logging in each time is such an inconvenience the game is now a pile a junk and not as worth playing. That was the stem of my rant.

Now, some people read the rant and saw the links to blogsites reporting it and falsely (although understandably) assumed that was where my rant was aimed at. Here is the kicker – Of the 200+ page views that entry had, only 4 bothered to click the straw poll link which better illustrates where my rant was aimed at. I do admit now that was a  newbie blogger error and next time I will make that portion more clear – perhaps a direct quote or a better break down of the numbers – to make sure people understand that was where my source of frustration stemmed from. It wasn’t aimed at Scott or the people reporting that it was a minor inconvenience and trying to figure out the purpose of the change from existing MMO EULA’s. I assumed that when you put a link in as part of your argument people would click it. Lesson learned.

That misunderstanding lead to my now good friend Matt’s rant which lead to my retort rant and things, typically, spiralled out of control from a misunderstanding of communication. I suppose that is the challenge. When evaluating my blogging style I would consider it conversation blogging. I do not write as if I was submitting an essay or business report – I just ramble on with the thoughts currently in my head and put it out there. Other sites I visit are much more careful about the language and emphasis they use. I will try to mirror that in some regards; I like keeping it informal but at the same time can see what can happen without proper precaution. I am not an industry icon or professional analyst. I am just a guy who is in with the general gaming population who sees and hears what a lot of general gamers think and say. I take that and my own personal opinion and put it out there to check the pulse of what gamers are thinking (and feeling) and see what comes of it.

Hopefully that has cleared any confusion. *crosses fingers*.

Do You Know What Time it Is?

Yeeah Booooy!

Caught you lookin’ for the same thing
It’s a new thing check out this I bring
Uh Oh the roll below the level
‘Cause I’m livin’ low next to the bass C’mon
Turn up the radio
They claim that I’m a criminal
By now I wonder how
Some people never know
The enemy could be their friend guardian
I’m not a hooligan
I rock the party and
Clear all the madness, I’m not a racist
Preach to teach to all
‘Cause some they never had this
Number one, not born to run
About the gun…
I wasn’t licensed to have one
The minute they see me, fear me
I’m the epitome – a public enemy
Used, abused without clues
I refused to blow a fuse
They even had it on the news
Don’t believe the hype…

If you are with me after all that clicking (or just skipped the clicking to begin with) feel better about two things: 1 – I had 3x the number of links planned, and 2 – I am leading up to a point. Eventually. Working on it. Like most suburban middle class teenagers I love(d) rap music growing up. Public Enemy was my group of choice and on the playground with my other priveleged-at-birth friends we would get down with the gospel of one of the world’s most influential rap groups. Pre Flavour Flav sellout dating show, of course. Chuck D cannot be happy about that. I would have sent the S1W’s to take care of Sinceer before she spawned Candwhore – good thing FF took care of that on his own in good time.

MMO’s/PC games are all one big hype machine. Problem with this, among a million related things, that the same hype built up by marketing departments gets pretty much every major release off on the wrong track. Sure, they may result in large release numbers but you could easily argue that those same departments are also the cause of the downfall of the new release – even before the game hits the shelves. Let’s look at that, shall we? And please, don’t believe the hype. Don’t even create the hype to believe in in the first place.

My dream MMO/PC game release is very simple. Make a game. All of the money you would spend hyping it two/three years before release goes towards making the best game possible. That’s right, zero market penetration. When the game is a couple months from release start marketing the hell out of it. At that point to release you actually know the content of your own game and can convey semi-realistic expectations. I say ‘semi-realistic’ because we all know Marketing is still going to make it out to more than it is. The problem with the current Hype Machine is that years before a gamer will get his hands on a game they already have formed an opinion on what that game is, how it will play, and how it would be better if the programmers would make the game the way they would want it. And that is where new games fail.

Marketing a game before you know what features will be included creates expectations. Not regular old expectations but the most dangerous kind – unrealistic ones. All the time, energy, and most importantly, money spent trying to curb those company/consumer created expectations as release nears ends up being wasted expense in the long run. Typical consumer hears about game. Gets excited about it. Follows its development. Posts on boards. Reads dev blogs. Creates unrealistic expectations. Game arrives launch day and consumer is dissappointed (regardless of how good the game really is – because of the marketing cycle that parallelled the development cycle). Plays for a bit. Cancels subscription. Bitter towards the brand.

AoC was a pretty good game. So was Titan Quest. Problem is they couldn’t live up to their own hype. In this fervent market of mass overhype developers are condemning their games to failure before they even launch. Take AoC, remove all the pre-hype, allow the game to launch with lower numbers and build a fan base based on it’s true merits instead of dissapointing 400K of the 800K who bought the game at launch because YOU put it in their heads the game was more than it really was. In the long term the revenues will follow.

Marketing is Public Enemy #1.


Perhaps you may have noticed something different with this entry. Perhaps not, at least until you hit the end of a line. Much like full justification is gone noticeably so is my PC – I am writing this on my iPhone.

Waiting for a meeting to begin surfing apps I came accross the WordPress addin for my phone. Free download, why not, give it a whirl. So far I can tell you it is okay.

I am a purebread visual editor type. They invented WYSIWYG for me exclusively (I am not ashamed to admit) so thankfully you won’t have to stomach through any not-so-funny-or-interesting links throughout this post. I reviewed an existing post and the syntax required to embed a link over text isn’t my cup of tea – heck it looks so uncomfortable to type I would rather clip Joe’s toenails.

While I consider myself tech savvy I am yet a newer breed – TSL (tech savvy lazy). I get the odd gadget, put my own computer together and help my less fortunate friends with their porn injected spyware problems. I didn’t get an iPhone to be hip, or different, or bleeding edge I bought it to replace my Blackberry. About two years ago my BB and I parted ways in a most horrific fashion. I quit a job that had required travelling, and one day while walking down the street texting that same resignation note the BB slipped from my hands, hit the ground, and mysteriously ended up under my foot. Hey, things happen.

Now that I am travelling again I figured that instead if constantly telling people I would email them the next day (or worse) I bought an email capable phone. Figured I would try to be hip while doing so. [b]I have no idea if this will bold or not upon publish. Move along, nothing to see here.[/b]

I do prefer my iPhone over my BB but I definitely don’t like blogging on it. I am going to leave this post unmolested with it’s spelling, grammar, formatting (and content) vanillaness as a reminder to me on my otherwise clean site that mobile blogging is for professionals, and you (me) should not try this at home.

Or at least until a true WYSIWYG editor is available.

Move Along – Nothing to See Here

In the spirit of disclosure, which seems to be a big topic today on blogs (and link to other blogs) I must admit I am a big fan of KTR. Look to the right on my huge list of blog-folk I have there. Kill Ten Rats is in the list. Right near the top! (Please, don’t get into semantics on how many are actually on my list to begin with. KTR is top two baby!) I was a very, very late bloomer in the blogoshphere (see? I don’t even know the hip word used for that sort of description) and it was one of the first I read regularly while planning my own blogomination.

Ethic made a post today that piqued my interest. Were the corporate overlords trying to sway my beloved ad free daily reading of choice? Were they being wined and dined? Were hookers involved? I wanted to comment – only to see that comments were locked. I planned to make a fun jab at my peers along the lines of ‘anything titled “Full Disclosure” shouldn’t be closed’ (haha, badum-ching, lol,  _insert other cliche here_) but the truth of the matter is I was very curious as to whether the article itself was prompted from within the authors, from the readership, or to keep the corporate virus at bay. Keep in mind it had absolutely no bearing on how I felt about the KTR guys, or the site – it was just that damn curiosity. What would prompt a post like that? Google had no answers! The post itself reminded me of a police scene with gigantic yellow caution ribbons criss-crossed over 6 city blocks and the army, air force, national guard, and local police surrounding it reminding people to move along because there is nothing to see. The fun part of that is with no ribbons highlighting the fact there is something to see people wouldn’t stop in the first place.

Armed with the deductive powers of Nancy Drew, I had surmised that Ethic must have been getting some offers and was tired  of receiving them – so figured he would stop others from trying the same. [ed. note -am I right? huh? Shameless attempt to get Eth to post here – you can have my WoW account if you do!]  It seems a choice was made based on a personal set of values to not accept the gifts, and to make sure people knew it. Like most choices made on moral ground it is open to scrutiny from those who have a different set. A little free account doesn’t measure up to much. Either does a little bit of weed. While I respect his choice to not accept anything free from any company he may (or may not) post a public opinion about I tend to lean on a bit of a different side – that I would prefer he take an account (if he hadn’t planned on buying it himself), give it a whirl, and let us know what his honest thoughts were about it. Like this guy, (who also covered this topic much better than I) who I also read, I read because I respect his opinion regardless of whether I agree with it or not. And I am pretty sure any regular reader of any particular blog would be able to call BS if the author suddenly tried to pull wool over everyone’s eyes for the almighty dollar. Reading comments on the other blogs who have covered this some people take it as very serious news, and a very scary tinfoil hat slope of danger one should not tread upon. Would you rather have the information from a marketing department, or a source you trust?

I guess the fun part of the entire thing is how one small post can balloon into a giant blogcentric code red. Whose blog can you trust* nowadays?

*note – this article was NOT brought to you by EA Mythic, makers of Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning.


No, not this – but this. Google released it’s beta of a web browser yesterday. It is, as reported, very minimalist. Page load times are very fast, and whether you love or hate google, it is definitely worth downloading to give it a shot. So far, everything I have tried with it has worked just peachy.

Will spend some more time today trying to break it (that is what betas are for, afterall) but my first impression is very simple. If this simple app can do everything IE/Safari/FFox can do, and faster and cleaner, what the hell is running in the background in our current browsers?

Nice cartoon here, explaining a bit.

Edit: Check out these sections of the Chrome End User Licence Agreement

11.1 You retain copyright and any other rights you already hold in Content which you submit, post or display on or through, the Services. By submitting, posting or displaying the content you give Google a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non- exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute any Content which you submit, post or display on or through, the Services. This license is for the sole purpose of enabling Google to display, distribute and promote the Services and may be revoked for certain Services as defined in the Additional Terms of those Services.

 11.2 You agree that this license includes a right for Google to make such Content available to other companies, organizations or individuals with whom Google has relationships for the provision of syndicated services, and to use such Content in connection with the provision of those services.

17.1 Some of the Services are supported by advertising revenue and may display advertisements and promotions. These advertisements may be targeted to the content of information stored on the Services, queries made through the Services or other information.

Scary, Scary stuff. The language is every open ended in 11.1 and 11.2.

I Has Blog

We are all Experts! (notice the clever use of capitalization for emphasis). Surely we all are, are we not? We have blogs and a voice to share our “expert” (notice clever use of quotations) knowledge and profound experiences!

I have always been interested in blogging yet never really motivated. I scour message boards and blogs – a fervent fan – but never an author.  Something about having a single place to share personal opinions, instead of having to post all over the place, is attractive. Wondering if anyone will actually read the posts, is terrifying. I refused to read any guides or posts on how to start your own blog taking my preferred approach of jumping right in. Feet first mind you, as I am still not quite sure how deep the pool is in this end.

I HAS PC – Silly name, I know. Part of it is a play on how internet society has shaped our own language, the jokes between gamers and PC enthusiasts (all ur base are belong to us – anyone? Bueller?) but the truth is, I do have a PC, and I am an avid gamer. Currently I am entrenched in MMO’s and FPS’s. Fortunately for me, I have been in many a beta test since the late 1990’s and have enjoyed an insider view on game development. A lot of what I post here will surround the games I am involved in, the groups and organizations that are built around those same games, and the friends (and enemies) that post their opinions about both. Add in a dash of general interest topics, life as a gamer with family, professional, and child raising responsibilites (and funnies when they pop up now and again – who can live without the funnies?) – and we should have a fun little rounded blog here.

We all consider our own opinions important. Heck, it is one of the few things we have that that isn’t taxed (regularly) by the government. We have an abundance of them, an endless resupply, and many outlets to distribute them. Opinions are a chicken-or-the-egg conundrum. Do our opinions shape who we are, or is it who we are that forms our opinions? Regardless, I encourage everyone to add theirs on topics brought up. One thing I have learned, is that I have grown the most from other people who enjoy discussion and have opinions very different from mine.

The look and feel of the site will evolve as I figure it out. Special thanks to GTB for setting up the initial stage for me. Comments on the look and feel are very much welcome.

Well, there we go. First post done, and in the books.