Sad Ending : Telltale Games

I have really enjoyed several of their titles – especially the original Walking Dead series and The Wolf Among Us.

The company is effectively shutting down after finishing off the latest Walking Dead game.

Oddly enough, there isn’t a reason given that I have read. Mashable has a story up.

It seemed like a successful company with a lot of acclaimed titles – big names too – including Game of Thrones and Batman.

I can only guess that the cost of licencing must have been a downfall. Either that or mismanagement.

As always, best of luck to the 225 people laid off (from 250) finding work to support yourselves and your families.

“Work” Opportunity!

This is very relevant to Blaugust.

Somehow, my team at work felt creating an awesome newsletter was the best way for us to communicate to our business network of ~350 separate business units.

It’s good information but a bad platform.

I’d like someone great with WordPress to spend some time converting 3 multi section newsletters into a blog so I can show the team how an interactive platform could be more beneficial.

I don’t have the time or the internal resources to get it done.

Now, due to international work laws, etc. instead of hiring and paying for it I am offering an Amazon Gift Card.

I’m estimating $200 as its a demonstration platform and all the content is already created, just needs to be cut/pasted, categorized, etc. I am flexible if it takes more time than expected. (budgeting 10-15 hours)

email me at chris at ihaspc.com if you would like to discuss further!

Cup Runneth…

Over. Definitely Over.

I’m a lucky person in pretty much all areas of my life – professional, personal and digital. It is never lost on me the need and suffering in the world. Still, there is much beauty and hope. You just have to believe. And act.

In my online world here, at I HAS PC I have more posts to write than ever and I wanted to thank you for visiting, reading, and being a part of this site. I never wanted to have any sort of impact here I just wanted to be able to say that I am a small part of someone’s daily or weekly thoughts as they digest what I write.

It’s a hobby I enjoy but made all the better by those who stop in and say hi.

Best to you and yours this holiday season, and hell, to the world in general. I hope we get more right than wrong in 2018.

Chris / Isey

Holidays! (Also a test)

I can’t access my site since the WordPress update but am attempting to post via my mobile device.

Happy Holidays to everyone! A special thank you to people who read and participate here. I love being a part of Blognation.

I’ll be up and running soon, I haven’t wanted to bother tech support (my friend Joe) on the holidays 🙂

As Always,

Real Bloggers of Genius

First, to set the stage.

We bloggers are a fun bunch – we chat about games, and life, and life in games, and gaming lives, and what not. We tweet about it, blog about, share on sites. We have a community. Often we complain – whine, bitch, moan, criticize – and why not? We love gaming so we share our opinions about it. It’s a fun and sometimes spirited conversation. I especially enjoy it because I learn a lot.

Everyone has a blogroll and I always try to participate in the community in two ways: first, is by commenting on blogs. If I read something I like, I leave a note. Sometimes to agree, sometimes to disagree, but if it gets me thinking then I share that. The second way is by clicking on a blog on their blogroll. It’s amazing on what (and who) you find out there.

Since I joined twitter (cutting edge here at I HAS PC) all of two weeks ago, that is another medium to find things to read. While video is on the up and reading is on the down it is still my preferred format.

This post started a long time ago, and it originally was meant to highlight some lesser known bloggers that I feel have done a great job in building community – and the more I spend in this space there are just so many. So, instead, I am going to highlight three great community initiatives  – some of which I have participated in and others not – because they took the effort to build BlogNation in a larger and more involved way then what a lot of us do individually.

Today we salute you, people who support the blogosphere.

The Gaming Blog Nexus

Roger Edwards, Contains Moderate Peril

 ∂ Mister build a massive gaming blogroll site that updates every post from those  sites every day when they are posted so we can go read in one place guy!

The Gaming Blog Nexus is an inclusive site aggregator and since I have joined it it has driven some new, regular readers to my site. It is also a great place to see what blogs have updated what. I know there are some other aggregator sites out there and the GBN is fair because it is open. Hell, they let me in, so you know quality control is flexible. (*ahem*). It is a great place to find a lot of great gaming topics fast and easy.

The Newbie Blogger Initiative

Chris “Doone” Mills, The Newbie Blogger Initiative

∂ Get a bunch of people to start doing something they might be intimidated to try and provide support and community around that effort so they have a chance to become a long time blogger and further add to BlogNation for years to come as long as they are loving it person-guy!

While the NBI is bigger than Doone (and a lot of people put in a lot of effort) I am pretty sure he is the one driving it all. I could be wrong – I know Roger Edwards also participates as do other bloggers. I am definitely going to do a better job of supporting it next year. Fresh blood perspectives are important in the gaming world – no matter which part you are in (blogging, designing, playing) so good sources are very handy.


Mark Temple (Belghast), Tales of the Aggronaut

∂ Encourage people to dig deep and post every day in the dog days of summer and push their own comfort and writing limits for consistency and volume in the blogosphere while also promoting anook for gamers dude!

Blaugust was a fun and personal achievement for me. I had some hard days, and some not so great posts, but I gave it my all and even got a prize from it. The prize was random of course, I wasn’t the “best”. The great part about Blaugust was the spirit of it all and after 6 years of blogging for me actually helped me enjoy it more. Already looking forward to next August!

People blog for so many different reasons but the above three gentlemen took the next step and embraced and encouraged community around our hobby. Just a little hat tip, a big thank you, and keep it up. I’ll participate and support these (and other) initiatives as they occur throughout the year.

Speaking of which, keep an eye over at Me vs. Myself and I as he announced on a recent podcast an initiative coming up in October, with a fest in the title. Whether or not beer is involved is not yet known.

3:10 Train to Ledge (Tier 2)

I have a couple of paths I run in my normal “day to day” in EQN: Landmark. There is a sweet, sweet area I found ripe with multiple ores I require for progression, and a hidden forest which is needed for every tool and crafting station (in unfair abundance right now, although they are patching that down as I type this to 60% of current). What is fun about this is seeing other people’s creations coming to life. Land claims are non instances (although specific islands are) so you see things grow in real time.

I have started to leave my outskirts location (there is a centralized teleporter to go to other islands/Tiers) because I have requirements that are in higher tiered areas. Currently in Alpha resources are split on Tier islands based on what level you are creating items for. In the future all resources will be on each island, but for now it is easy to sort out where you need to go.

This makes me have to leave my “neighborhood” and venture to the teleporter. Wow, have things changed! It is like going to your home town after 10 years and learning they got a McDonald’s, Walt-Mart and Target while you were gone.

Where I am going with this : I hope they don’t put in instant travel. If they do, the creating part (which is the main part) will probably be missed in game. Horses? Sure. Just not instantly. Stop and smell the giant castles.

(here’s one randomly I ran across)

and here is how players have changed the landscape. (squint)

I have a house now too! (next post =)


I am away from home for work which means no gaming for me (need laptop upgrade, stat) and as such am going to touch upon everyone’s favorite topic. Politics. Even more exciting, CANADIAN politics. Canada had it’s federal election and had an interesting outcome – the same as the last federal government – a minority government. For my American friends, Canada has more than 2 political parties and as such during an election there is a very good possibility that one party doesn’t achieve a full mandate. This basically means that they cannot do anything without the support of at least one other political party to get anything passed. For the record, this is good government in theory. In the USA there is such a polarization – you are a Democrat or a Republican, and one party wins and that agenda is pushed forward for 4 years. The problem when looking at the American system is that I am sure the citizens of the USA aren’t just Dems or Pubs but rather a wide range of ideals and personalities. Being forced to accept one or the other as a government every four years is consequential. Since we have a minority government again in Canada, that means the “ruling” party can’t pass anything unless they get the other parties to buy into it – meaning a wider range of Canadians, in essence, need to agree to it. The bad part of a minority government is that stalemates can often occur where nothing gets passed. I’ll take a larger pool of opinion needed in my government over an agenda shoved down my throat anyday.

Tuesday was the official election day, and I was asked by a friend last minute to be a scrutineer for the candidate he was officially representing. Again, not quite sure how it works in the USA but a person running for political office is allowwed one scrutineer per polling station. This person, after the votes have all been casted, gets to review all the votes (with the other scrutineers from other candidates) and agree on official ballots, spoiled ballots, etc to make sure the count is fair and accurate. After the polls closed I sat dilligently through the vote reviews, added my two cents, and watched the candidate I was helping out with get blown away.